April 13: Skelly off base, Palestine a fiction, pedestrian safety and other letters

Voters were clear

I take great exception to MPP Donna Skelly characterizing the decision of Hamilton and Halton voters to freeze their urban boundaries is fueled by an “anti-housing and anti-growth ideology.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

The voters overwhelmingly made their preferences to retain the urban boundaries very clear. Their decision is based on an honest fear that our precious farmland and wetlands will be handed over to the development industry on which to build luxury homes and will do nothing to help the housing crisis.

The ministers refer to the Ontario Land Tribunal as an “impartial adjudicator” and intend to make their case to them. This is absurd on its face as this tribunal is simply another arm of the Ford government, which will assuredly decide in their favour. The Ford government should abide by the wishes of their constituents and not proceed with this antidemocratic reversal of a widely held vote by citizens of Hamilton and Halton.

Palestine a fiction

Regarding the letter headed “Support for refugees” (April 11): Easter is a time many of us enjoy the 1959 blockbuster movie “Ben Hur.” Throughout this film epic, Judah Ben Hur (a Jew born in Judah) and his people from him are referred to as Palestinians. The term was in widespread use in the Biblical era, but came to mean something very different in the 1960s with the rise of Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization. The PLO defined the term Palestinian narrowly, to exclude Jews. The PLO wanted an Arab/Palestinian state on Biblical lands and claimed the Jews were interlopers.

For 60 years this ludicrous fiction has been swallowed whole, as evidenced by this letter calling us to “support both Ukrainian refugees and Palestinian refugees who have been without their country for 50 years.” The country she refers to has never existed, though there could have been one if they’d accept living next to a Jewish state. Arafat became a billionaire by stealing funds intended for the people he kept stateless and living in squalor. I prefer “Ben Hur.”

Stewart Loughton, Oakville

How do you sleep?

Do we live in a society where the lack of conscience is becoming more prevalent? And to all of you hit-and-run drivers who have eluded justice; thus far: How are you able to sleep at night? Not well, I hope.

pedestrian safety

Yes, too many pedestrians are being struck. And why is that? It is true there are many dangerous drivers out there. So many exceed the speed limit, don’t obey stop signs, run red lights, drive in the middle turn lane as if it is their own personal drive lane. Many are distracted. Drivers have to be alert at all times. And so do pedestrians. It is everyone’s responsibility. Pedestrians too should be aware of what is happening around them. It’s not always the driver’s fault. We’ve all seen people walking down the street with their heads down, texting, wearing earbuds and even while crossing. As children we were taught to always cross at corners and never walk out from between parked cars. And yet you see people, young/old/mothers with children, cross in the middle of the street when all they had to do was walk a few extra meters to cross safely at the light at the corner. And to those mothers crossing with your children I ask, what does that teach them? Pedestrians, you are taking your life in your own hands when you do this.

Bought a Bible

My heart goes out to the girl who was struck by a car at Main and Dundurn streets recently.

My deepest sympathy to the family. Two months prior, I was at the same intersection and a car went out of control. It came very close to killing me but by the grace of god he veered away. He ain’t religious, but he bought a Bible afterwards.

Michael HarrisonHamilton

private schools

The author of “Public education’s structural failures” waxes poetic on the marvels of the independent (read faith-based) school system. Vaxxed, infected or not they never close. All of the parents enjoy a robust partnership with the school with no need for troublesome trustees or pesky parent councils. And most importantly, all they need from the government is money, period, full stop. The education of those white, heterosexual, God-fearing students is well in hand and apparently a model to be studied and emulated.

splendid article

Thanks for the splendid article about the Sisters of St. Joseph (April 4). It far outweighed the trite, cynical bigotry of that day’s editorial cartoon.


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