Is Moon Knight teasing a third secret personality from comics?

The third Moon Knight episode was packed full of content, full of action, mysteries and insight into Marc and Khonshu’s relationship that’s sure to play out in the final three episodes of the Disney Plus Marvel series (how are we halfway through already?)

And of course, it was also chock-full of Moon Knight comic-book callbacks, from classic foes like Midnight Man to the other Moon Knight identities living within the body of Marc Spector (and that haven’t turned up in the TV show yet).

Check out our episode three comic-book breakdown below, and beware – we’ll be dealing with spoilers for the latest Moon Knight episode throughout this article.

Is there a third personality alongside Marc Spector and Steven Grant in Moon Knight?

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight Disney

Just when we think we know Marc (Oscar Isaac), we’re thrown off once more as he re-emerges from a fugue state, having murdered multiple criminals; yet, neither Marc nor Steven appear to have been responsible, implying a possible third identity hidden within him.

This could be our first hint at taxicab driver Jake Lockley, Marc’s third personality who made his first appearance all the way at the beginning in Moon Knight #1 – whereas Lockley is more an investigative persona enacted by Marc in the comics, it appears here he may embody the more erratic and unstable traits of Marc and Steven.

Who is Midnight Man/Anton Mogart?

Gaspard Ulliel

Late French actor Gaspard Ulliel portrays Midnight Man

This episode also introduces another iconic Moon Knight character in the form of Gaspard Ulliel’s Machiavellian marauder, Anton Mogart, better known as the ‘Midnight Man.’

Midnight Man made his debut in Moon Knight Volume 1, another legacy character the show has introduced alongside referencing Frenchie and Bushman. Similarly to his comic counterpart to him, Anton has a clear penchant for thieving ancient treasures in pursuit of his ‘private celebration’ of history.

Based on how this episode ends, it seems unlikely that this version of Midnight Man will be making a return, especially given the tragic death of actor Gaspard Ulliel.

Ulliel’s depiction of Mogart was fantastic and connivingly charismatic – his sudden passing in the last year makes it unclear how they may proceed with Midnight Man in the future.

Khonshu’s motives

A floating bird skull above a body represents the Egyptian god Khonshu

Khonshu (voiced by F Murray Abraham) in Marvel’s Moon Knight Disney

Harrow’s (Ethan Hawke) speech to Khonshu (F Murray Abraham) in this episode’s final moments once again throws our allegiances into question – Khonshu is depicted somewhat ambiguously across Moon Knight’s volumes, given that while he heals Marc from the brink of death, he does so with the desire to fully possess his body as a vessel.

Likewise, the show raises the possibility of Khonshu intentionally manipulating and altering Marc’s mind to suit his needs, a thread that’s heavily followed throughout Lemire’s run exploring Marc’s backstory as a troubled child.

It seems likely we’ll follow that thread in the next three episodes – expect big revelations, more comic-book influences and plenty of surprises.

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