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It’s now been 94 years since the night that shook West Plains, both literally and figuratively. The blast was so strong that it could be heard for thousands, and caused such damage to the nearby court house that a new one had to be built. And it made such an impression that a 10-verse-long song was written about the disaster, which is accessible here.

It’s doubtful that anyone is alive today who remembers the blast firsthand. However, a link between past and present occurred in February 2022 when the building where the dance hall once stood also burned to the ground.

“To drive by it, it made you think a little bit of what it was like,” says McFarland of the building’s demise.

Despite the lingering question of why, McFarland notes that perhaps it’s OK not to know what happened to the building that housed the dance hall.

“Today, I think it’s one of the things you recognize you never really have an answer to,” he says. “You get to the point where it’s OK to be a mystery. You can accept that.”

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