Lock Upp day 44 written update: Payal Rohatgi tells Anjali Arora ‘you lick Munawar Faruqui’s feet’ | webseries

On Tuesday’s episode of the ongoing reality show Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi and Kaaranvir Bohra had an ugly discussion and it ended with her crying a lot. Kaaranvir got to know that Mandana had allegedly said she did not trust him. The episode also saw Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora getting in to yet another fight. (Also read: Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi calls Shivam Sharma ‘namak haraam’; I have breaks down)

It all began when Anjali Arora had a fight and then walked up to Kaaranvir to tell him, “Mandana had told Zeeshan Khan that she does not trust you in the outside world and you invited her for script readings but she could not trust you enough. “

Meanwhile, Mandana was seen talking to the camera and saying, “Yes, I have been to KV’s house and enjoyed his dinners and I love his wife but I never wanted to take forth any friendship with him. That is because he is a spolied brat.” , he is not even a good human being.”

Kaaranvir told Poonam Pandey that the vibe he shared with Mandana on the show, was that he wanted her to be comfortable, especially when all other contestants were against her. Kaaranvir then confronted Mandana in front of everybody and she said she had no idea about it all.

Zeeshan then said, “She had said she does not trust Kaaranvir in the outside world. Many times, he has invited her to his home for script readings or to talk about movies but, she said ‘I never went because I never trusted that man with those feelings’.” Mandana interrupted to say she never said those words but Kaaranvir declared that he’d trust Zeeshan as he was on roza (fasting in Islam) and would not lie.

“If you have said this, you dismissed my wife and me,” he said and Mandana swore on her mother and father, insisting she only said she did not trust him in the outside world. “That was it, baat khatam (That’s all). I did not say any of those things.”

Mandana started crying a lot and said she did not care much about him but cares about his wife Teejay Sidhu and their kids. Kaaranvir was infuriated and yelled, “Do not bring them in, do not bring my family in here. Say or do what you have to from the show.”

When she got to know that Anjali had told Kaaranvir about the discussion, Payal began yelling at Anjali for being the instigator. Anjali angrily got up from her chair and shouted, “Sun tere se umar kam hai but dimaag itna zayada hai na…itna zyada hai (Listen, I may be younger to you, but I have way more brains than you).” Payal retort, “Do what you can. You lick Munawar’s feet to stay on the show. Kiya kya hai life me kapde dhona, pair dadana dawai dena k alawa life me (All you can do is wash clothes, serve food and medicines to him).”

During her discussion with Kaaranvir, Mandana kept mentioning an “uncomfortable scene” that they shot together but she never complained about. They have worked together in ZEE 5 original The Casino.


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