10 Best Thor Costumes From Marvel Comics

Leaked merchandise from Thor: Love And Thunder seem to suggest that the upcoming movie will base some of its costumes on classic Marvel Comics looks for the God of Thunder. Some of the best Thor costumes ever have already influenced Thor’s MCU looks and it seems this will continue in the new movie with comic-accurate looks for both Thor and Jane Foster.

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Thor’s original costume design by Jack Kirby from the Silver Age of Comics remains an all-time classic and one that has remained relatively stable since its inception. But it’s also inspired a lot of variations and updates that have become equally iconic and fans waiting patiently for the movie will likely find a lot to appreciate by exploring the best Thor costumes from the last sixty years of Marvel Comics.

10 king thor

Thor holding a sword on the cover of King Thor.

The King Thor costume has already influenced the MCU in its patched eye look for the God of Thunder, making it one of the best Thor costumes in the comic. It may become even more influential if an older variant of Thor appears in the upcoming movie.

The old and grizzled King Thor features much more traditional battle armor with bulky plates that give him a more Medieval sensibility than any other version in the comics. This costume also harkens back somewhat to the Destroyer design, with his left arm completely covered in spiked armor.

9 Eric Masterson

Eric Masterson is a version of Thor who doesn’t appear to be coming to the MCU, at least in the near future, but his costume as the God of Thunder is one of the best for blending a lot of different visual elements to create a single whole.

Masterson wears a face mask that hides his identity and also foreshadows Jane Foster’s helmet years later. He also uses much more gold in his belt and armored boots than Thor usually did, creating a unique contrast of gold and silver.


8 iron hammer

Iron Man Iron Hammer Armor

Iron Hammer is a fusion of Iron Man and Thor from the 2018 infinity warps crossover event. The amalgamation of the two classic superhero costumes makes for one of the most unique and one of the best Thor costumes in the comics.

The classic Iron Man armor is detailed in Asgardian filigree, an outstanding visual choice that is markedly distinctive from most Thor costumes in the comics but also in keeping with the Asgardian design sense established by Jack Kirby in the Silver Age.

7 Ultimate Thor

Thor raising his hammer in The Ultimates

The Ultimate Thor costume is one of the best in its simplicity. The costume abandons the classic helmet and cape and focuses squarely on the epaulets on the chest, which become powerful glowing medallions in this version from Earth-1610.

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The costume also features a more practical and lived-in feel common to the Ultimate Comics aesthetic and this look was influential on the early costumes of Thor in the MCU, particularly the glowing aspect, which was become a part of his visual iconography.

6 Goddess Of Thunder

Storm Thor fighting Throg in What If?  comics

Storm is one of the most powerful X-Men in Marvel Comics and she’s also one of the many powerful variants of Thor in the multiverse. Her de ella costume de ella as Thor is one of the best for melding elements of the Thor design with her signature style de ella.

There are a few different takes on Storm as Thor, with one of the best coming from What If..? #12 from 1990. This version combines golden elements like his shoulder pauldrons – now a feature of her current costume – along with the iconic Thor blue and red look.

5 Throg

Throg is one of the most powerful variants of Thor in Marvel Comics and his costume is one of the best. Though it’s basically just the iconic Thor costume on a frog, the fact that it exists at all (and was an Easter egg in the MCU) makes it a classic.

The Throg costume is distinguished in some ways. Its helmet emphasizes the wings more than any other version in the comics, creating a fun and unique silhouette that is singular to Throg.

4 Golden Armor

Thor in Golden Battle Armor Comic

The golden armored Thor costume from writer and artist Walt Simonson appeared in some of the best Thor comics of the ’80s and appears to have influenced one of the Thor costumes in the upcoming movie. Its striking gold and blue color scheme is unique among Thor costumes.

The armor harkens back to the Norse figures from mythology and history that Thor draws from, particularly in its introduction of chain mail. This costume brought Thor into a kind of realism while still maintaining his superheroic dimension of him.

3 New Asgard

Thor USAvengers Marvel Comics

In the early 2000s, Asgard relocated to Earth (specifically to Oklahoma) and Thor got a new costume for this new era. It’s one of his best costumes of him in the comics for how influential it’s been. The black and silver mail look clearly influenced the early MCU Thor.

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The design builds off the classic original costume but adds a level of practicality to it that has become synonymous with most of the MCU costumes. The addition of gold bands through the epaulets on his tunic is also visually unique.

two Jane Foster

Comic artwork of Jane Foster as Lady Thor.

The Jane Foster Thor costume was instantly iconic when it appeared in some of the best Thor comics of the 2010s. Its silver armor and masked helmet created an intriguing new look that has now been translated into the MCU, making this one of the best costumes.

Jane Foster’s Thor borrows some iconic elements, like the winged helmet and bare shoulders, but relies on a lot more black than the typical Thor costume. It also uses more Asgardian symbology than any other Thor look, making it unique.

one Classic Costume

The classic Thor costume is the foundation of all others that followed and its influence not just on later Thor versions but popular culture (including movies like Adventures In Babysitting) makes it the best Thor costume ever.

The original costume was designed by legendary artist Jack Kirby in Journey Into Mystery #83 and while the costume has grown and changed over the years, its signature elements like the winged helmet and chest epaulets have remained a consistent part of the look.

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