April 14, 2022 – Multiversity Comics

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In case you missed it, Ram V and Rafael Albuquerque are taking over “Detective Comics.” We also reviewed Paris, 13th Districtthe French drama film based on Adrian Tomine’s comics, releasing in theaters and VOD tomorrow.

Variant Cover by Joshua Swaby

– DC Comics has laid out the lineup for this year’s “DC Pride” anthology comic, and it includes the comics debut of legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy. Via Gizmodo, Conroy has voiced the character of Batman across many mediums for decades, starting with Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. He is also titled openly gay, leading to him contributing a “personal” story ‘Finding Batman’ for “DC Pride 2022,” alongside J. Bone and Aditya Bidikar. Other highlights from the anthology include a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy story from Dani Fernandez, Zoe Thorogood, Jeremy Lawson, and Aditya Bidikar; a Jon Kent/Superman story from Devin Grayson, Nick Robles, Triona Farrell and Aditya Bidikar; and a Jo Mullein/Green Lantern story from Tini Howard, Evan Cagle, and Lucas Gattoni. “DC Pride 2022” is part of a previously announced slate of titles focusing on LGBTQ+ characters for Pride, including books focusing on Poison Ivy, Jess Chambers’s Kid Quick, and Nubia. “DC Pride 2022” #1 comes out May 31.

– Leah Williams and Carlos Gómez are entering the “Grindhouse of X” for an explosive new title featuring some of the X-Men’s most bombastic members. Boom-Boom, Jubilee, Dazzler, and Wolverine (Laura Kinney) will headline the new miniseries “X-Terminators,” a tale filled with “blood, sweat and sweet REVENGE.” The plot finds Boom-Boom, Jubilee and Dazzler on a wild night out that leads to them being kidnapped, and dropped into an elaborate death trap. “I’m excited about how gleefully transgressive this book is — it’s sexy, stupid, and chaotic,” Williams said. “One of my favorite moments in the making-of this book was Jordan [D. White] asking, ‘What do you think… Parental Advisory for this book? Or just T+?… I am leaning PA.’” “X-Terminators” #1 explodes onto the shelves on July 6.

– Writer Jody Houser is taking Ms. Marvel on a Marvel Universe-spanning mystery in a series of new one-shots. First up will be “Ms. Marvel and Wolverine” with artist Zé Carlos, with “Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight” and “Ms. Marvel and Venom” on the way. The one-shots find Kamala Khan responding to a mysterious threat that has landed in New York City, disrupting Krakoan technology and sparking an action-packed adventure. “I’m thrilled to be back playing in the Marvel super hero sandbox, especially with a character as vital as Ms. Marvel,” Houser said. “Teaming her up with some of the darker heroes of the 616 shows just how bright her light de ella really is.” “Ms. Marvel and Wolverine” #1 lands on July 13.

– Radio host and media personality Charlamagne tha God is launching a new comic book. Via AIPT, the host of The Breakfast Club is teaming up with writer Kevin Grevioux and artist Ken Lashley on the graphic novel “Darkstorm” for his imprint Black Privilege Publishing under Simon & Schuster. The graphic novel tells the story of “a PTSD-laden and reluctant superhero that is projected as an anti-hero except to those that know him best.” “Darkstorm” will be produced in collaboration with independent publisher AWA Studios, who will also develop original series with Charlamagne and Grevioux. The first title in development is “The Vindicators,” which features a diverse superhero team against the backdrop of a dystopian future. Release dates for these projects have yet to be announced.

– In advance of Warner Bros. and DC’s upcoming movie Black Adam, DC are planning a series of prequel one-shots that will spotlight the Justice Society of America members being introduced in the film. Via The Beat, the first one-shot out of the gate will focus on Hawkman, set to be played in the film by Aldis Hodge. “Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Hawkman” will feature a main story that pits Hawkman against Gentleman Ghost by writer Cavan Scott, penciler Scot Eaton, and inker Norm Rapmund. A back-up feature shining a spotlight on Isis (as portrayed in the film by Sarah Shahi) will be written by Bryan Q. Miller with art by Marco Santucci. “Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Hawkman” #1 takes flight on July 5.

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– Kieron Gillen’s podcast Decompressed is returning for a limited time. As discussed in Gillen’s newsletter, the comics craft podcast is back from its five-year hiatus in part due to Gillen being embedded in the X-Office, thanks to his new title “Immortal X-Men.” The first two installments of this new run of episodes, featuring “Marauders” writer Steve Orlando and “X-Men Red” scribe Al Ewing, have already been published, with Gillen promising several more on the way.

– The comic strip “Stuffed” by Eric McCurdy is getting an animated television adaptation. Via Deadline, animation studios Boat Rocker (The Loud House) and The Operating Room (hawk master) will collaborate on the project. “Stuffed” focuses on a little girl and her from her “adventure-ready plush toy guild” on their adventures around the world and beyond. The webcomic first launched back in 2018, and developed strong followings on social media and Webtoon. The animated series is still in development.

– Jesse L. Martin will be taking a step back from The CW’s Flash for its upcoming season. Via The Hollywood ReporterMartin will appear on Flash in a recurring role due to his commitment to star in NBC’s drama pilot The Irrationalbased on the behavioral science book predictably irrational by Dan Ariley. The CW had previously renewed Flash for a ninth season, but The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the network is discussing wrapping up the long-running series with an “abbreviated” final season.

– Mad Cave Studios and the non-profit organization Voices of Children are partnering for the graphic novel anthology & art book “Lower Your Sights.” Proceeds from the book will go to the Voices of Children Foundation, which supports children struggling from the war in Ukraine. The anthology will feature works by comics creators from around the world, telling such “about the human condition and how combat affects soldiers, family members, friends, students, doctors, politicians, and allies from afar.” Tanya Vovk, Author of Illustrations and Director of Inspiration at Voices Of Children, will provide art for the graphic novel, alongside work from many Ukranian artists.

– Russian political cartoonist and satirist Sergei Yolkin has left the country amid the government’s ongoing crackdown over coverage of the war in Ukraine. Via Radio Free Europe, Yolkin posted on Facebook yesterday that he had made his way to Bulgaria. Yolkin is just the latest of the journalists and activists to flee Russia following the Kremlin’s invasion on February 24. The Kremlin has provided strict guidelines for publishing about the war, restricting journalists to only refer to the action as a “special military operation” instead of a war, and ordering the media to only publish information from approved sources. Yolkin has been critical of Russian political activities since beginning his career in 1999, with his drawings of him seeing regular distribution from RFE/RL and Deutsche Welle.


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