DC’s Second Round Robin Fan Vote Comes Down to Its Final Four Comics

The second round of DC’s Round Robin tournament is over and the last four titles have been revealed. Discover which pitches fans selected to advance.

Things are heating up now that DC Comics‘ second round-robin tournament has whittled the prospective comics down once again. The votes have been tallied and DC has unveiled the four titles selected by fans to head to the semifinals, all in a bid to become the next published comic. As the battle heads towards its final rounds, ire is beginning to grow among fans and some on social media are criticizing the competition.

DC’s Round Robin tournament first started in 2021 and was revived earlier this year. Sixteen entries, each a potential comic, are put into a bracket and fans can vote on which series they’d like to see as a fully realized title. Over the course of the competition, details such as art, creative teams and other in-depth looks are given, making the contest that much more exhilarating as pitches are eliminated.


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The results were revealed in a Tweet by DC Comicsthis time showing the percentage of votes in the Round Robin’s second round across Twitter, Instagram and DC Community. Constantine & The Demon: Vacation From Hell won over Hawkman & Hawkwoman: The Changeling with 61 percent of the votes. Suicide Squad: Dark is moving on after getting 59 percent of the vote over Kid Flash The Speed ​​of Fear. With 55 percent of the vote, Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow beat out Green Lantern: The Birth of Conspiracy. and Green Lantern: The Light at the End of Forever defeated Ghost Tour From Hell with a solid 67 percent.

As expected with any nail-biting event, tensions are starting to grow as the pool of contestants continues shrinking. Though some titles like Green Lantern: The Light at the End of Forever and Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow have their fans who were excited to see the titles advance, others were dismayed at the loss of titles such as Hawkman and Hawkwoman: The Changeling and Kid Flash: The Speed ​​of Fear. These raw feelings were only exacerbated by the whispers on social media that bots were used to manipulate the results of Round 2. Though creators have expressed support for one another throughout the contest, fans are beginning to take issue with the Round Robin altogether.

DC Comics officials such as Senior Editor Katie Kubert have stressed that just because a pitch doesn’t win the tournament, that doesn’t mean fans will never see a fully updated version one day. But social media users have noted that pitches such as JLQ from last year’s tournament have not gotten a book yet (though the team did appear in 2021’s DC Pride #1). Fans fear that by pitting new books against one another, it sends a message that losing contestants have no audience. The reality is that fans would love to see more creative titles added to DC’s current line-up, instead of being forced to just pick one.

While the issues of the tournament are hashed out online, the semifinals are about to begin in earnest. DC Comics has let fans know they can still vote for the remaining pitches when the next phase of the round-robin begins April 19th.

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