Final Fantasy 14 Update 6.1 Changes Moenbryda Minion Description

Final Fantasy 14 just released Newfound Adventureits first major patch after the Endwalker expansion. Among the bevy of new content and balance changes, Final Fantasy 14 Stealthily updated the description of the Moenbryda minion, eliminating an unpopular crass joke and replacing it with wholesome content. Warning: Spoilers for Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker below.

Moenbryda Wilfsunnwyn was a character introduced in Patch 2.4 of To Realm Reborn as a new member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Unfortunately, she met her untimely end soon after in Patch 2.55. A couple of years later during heavenward Patch 3.4, players were given the Moenbryda minion after reuniting with the Scions after a long separation.


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According to the description of the Final Fantasy 14 minion, the mechanical doll was created by Urianger, Moenbryda’s colleague, best friend, and unofficial love interest. However, the old description used questionable diction to imply sexual innuendo, describing the doll as “anatomically accurate,” and hinting at Urianger doing something explicit with the doll. The new description banishes this crude gaffe in favor of a bittersweet tribute that is respectful of both Urianger and Moenbryda.

ffxiv moenbryda old vs new endwalker

This new description is more in line with the direct translation in the Japanese client of Final Fantasy 14, which makes mention of how Urianger thought of the late Scion scholar. It seems the English Final Fantasy 14 localization team regretted the poor attempt at humor and decided to change the description to be in line with the original text.

“A magical doll that imitates Moenbrida. It seems that Urianger secretly made it to sort out the feelings that were first noticed when he lost it. The gentle look on her face is probably because he imitates the real face she was showing.”

Many fans are proud of Final Fantasy 14 for making this change. While a small group of fans might have enjoyed the joke for what it was, many more did not. For many fans, the humor landed as creepy and out-of-character for the thoughtful and verbose Urianger, not to mention disrespectful to Moenbryda herself, who is a fan favorite even posthumously. The new description aligns more directly with the Urianger fans have seen with his development of her in Shadowbringers and beyond, especially with the moving scene where he finds closure with Moenbryda’s parents in Endwalker.

Unfortunately, players never really got to know Moenbryda before she was killed off. Though she made a strong impression on many in the short time she was around, many wished the scholar could have stuck around a little longer, rather than being relegated to a catalyst for character development for Urianger. That said, players are happy Final Fantasy 14 hasn’t forgotten Moenbryda even after so many years and were glad to see the beloved character treated with respect.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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