Local podcast ‘Saints, Sinners & Serial Killers’ stages live show

Marshfield author Casey Sherman and his writing partner, Dave Wedge, of Milton, are living a life of crime.

The bestselling crime-writing duo is “lifting the veil” on some of their darkest tales for a live theatrical performance of their popular podcast, “Saints, Sinners & Serial Killers.”

The live show hits the stage at Boston’s Wilbur theater on April 20, with local actors bringing to life the twists and turns of four true-crime cases. They include James “Whitey” Bulger, the former South Boston crime boss who was killed in federal prison in 2018, and Albert DeSalvo, the self-confessed Boston Strangler.

Franconia, New Hampshire, police officer Bruce McKay, played by Jon Merz, left, struggles to arrest Liko Kenney, played by Kris Meyer, right, during rehearsal of the show

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“The audience is not just going to be hearing the words that Dave and I have written, but they’re going to be hearing these notorious criminals in their own words,” Sherman said. “Whitey Bulger … describes how he was arrested in Santa Monica. It’s a really visceral moment.”

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