Author Ryan Walters defends Warren G. Harding in new book

Though beloved by Marion, many historians have considered President Warren G. Harding one of the worst presidents since the end of his time in office with his death in 1923.

However, one Texas-based political historian, Ryan Walters, considers Marion’s president to be not only a good one, but one of the best.

The author and adjunct professor of American history at Collin College released “The Jazz Age President: Defending Warren G. Harding” in February, working to set the record straight on the accomplishments and legacy of Harding he believes were unfairly tarnished by political enemies after the premature death of America’s 29th president.

Originally from Mississippi, Walters noted that his fascination with the Ohio-born newspaperman might seem odd to some, but he originally began to resonate with Harding’s political beliefs and fiscal conservatism when in graduate school.

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“I know it seems strange that a guy from the deep south is interested in a president from Ohio who has the reputation of, if not being the worst president, one of the worst presidents,” he said.

Ryan Walters is the author of

Walters noticed both that much of the commentary made about Harding was from liberal academics and many historians had accepted the president’s shameful legacy as a corrupt womanizer as true without challenging it.

It was while in graduate school at the University of Southern Mississippi that he began making a framework for how he would write a book defending Harding.

Years later, those drafts became “The Jazz Age President: Defending Warren G. Harding.”

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