Final Fantasy VII Remake: Cloud’s Best Abilities, Ranked

Being a remake of the 1997 official game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has re-introduced the story fans all know and love, with some changes made along the way. And with all the changes that have been made, Cloud Strife is no exception to the rule.

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Cloud Strife’s original abilities from the game have been kept the same, but some new abilities and attacks have been added in the remake. These new abilities and attributes that the remake has given Cloud add a bit more variety for players. These abilities vary in strength and damage inflicted upon enemies making some more useful than others.

7 Infinity’s End

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Fan Medley

One of the new additions to the list that will more than likely show up again in the potential FF7 Remake 2, is Infinity’s End. This ability should be used on the offense and has proven very useful in landing devastating blows.

Infinity’s End can be accessed by equipping Hardedge. This is effective in close range, deals heavy physical melee damage, and further increases the power against staggered targets. However, players should keep in mind that it does become less efficient when the stagger multiplier is higher. Anything past 9999 damage is considered a waste.

6 Counterstance

Cloud Aerith Final Fantasy VII Remake

When needing to use a good ability that will act as an offensive and defensive ability, Counterstance is an ideal choice. After equipping the Twin Stinger, the player can access the ability that allows the player to immediately retaliate when attacked by an enemy by swinging the sword in a radius.

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Using Counterstance is excellent to use when guarding against an enemy. When in this stance, it will reduce the player’s incoming damage by 80%. It can be used repeatedly against bosses and other powerful enemies. However, the downfall comes in when the Counterstance is used up, only allowing for dashing and swinging the sword up, the attack being much weaker and with no guarantee that it will provide a full damage attack.


5 Blade Burst

Cloud wields his sword in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Blade Burst is one ability that Cloud can use when the Mythril Saber is equipped. This ability is based on the ability Blade Beam from the original Final Fantasy 7. It is also helpful to players who may be worried about elemental resistance.

Blade Burst is a non-elemental attack that deals ranged magic damage with no charge to MP. One of the other positive traits of this ability is that it has a large area of ​​effect and power that allows Cloud to attack frequently without running toward the enemy. Players should be wary of using this ability when up against magic resistant/high magic defense enemies as this can decrease its effectiveness.

4 Focused Thrust

Cloud battling an enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake

There will always be moments where players need to build up stagger and isolate more dangerous enemies. And when it is a good time to build up stagger against larger enemies and deal area of ​​effect damage to a group of enemies close together, Focused Thrust is the ability to use.

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Players can use this ability when the original and iconic weapon for Cloud called the Buster Sword is equipped, and it allows the player to lunge forwards toward an enemy in a straight line and hit them multiple times. And while it does help build up stagger and is a great melee attack, compared to Cloud’s Braver ability, Focused Thrust only deals half as much raw damage.

3 disorder

Cloud smirking in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Trying to beat the difficult Hell House and wanting to have fun with the Nail Bat to destroy an enemy? Use the Disorder ability. This ability allows the player to go from Operator to Punisher Mode and helps in regaining ATB when landing successfully on an enemy.

When in Operator Mode, Cloud will charge towards an enemy and attack with a rising slash, while in Punisher Mode, he can remain in place and perform an uppercut slice. It is also helpful in switching modes quickly. But while this ability is useful, it is still outclassed by Braver and Triple Slash, and if an enemy attempts to attack the player or dodges while Cloud is in Punisher Mode, Cloud will dodge out and switch to Operator Mode.

two braver

Cloud wielding his blade in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Need to take care of low flying enemies and potentially multiple enemies closing in? A great way to deal with these enemies is finishing moves, and Braver is one of those good finishing moves to utilize.

Leaving behind a trail of light, this ability allows Cloud to leap into the air and strike at the opponent, dealing burst damage. While it can help against a small pack of enemies, if the player is looking to take out an opponent completely, Braver is good to use on a single enemy without spending MP for a spell. While it has these beneficial factors, the downside to this ability is the wind-up. The wind-up is slow and can potentially miss the target, so it is important to keep that in mind when using Braver.

one triple slash

Cloud wielding his blade in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Triple Slash is a player’s go-to ability to clear out a mob of enemies properly. The player can quickly perform a dash attack on the first enemy and then switch immediately towards a second, then the third enemy.

The Triple Slash can be accessed by equipping the Iron Blade. Switch between enemies and deal physical melee act damage over three hits while taking advantage of Cloud’s core strength. The downside to using this ability is when the player is going up against one enemy. It will hit the enemy three times, but the total damage it inflicts drastically reduces its effectiveness.

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