ITV Emmerdale fans slam writers for Meena’s ‘ridiculous’ final showdown

Millions of Emmerdale fans tuned into the ITV soap on Thursday night (April 14) to catch the much-anticipated finale of evil Meena Jutla’s gripping storyline.

The nurse turned serial killer spent months secretly killing off the village’s residents but last night her fate was finally sealed as the verdict was in. The jury found Meena guilty of murdering Leanna, Andrea, and Ben.

Fans predicted that Meena wouldn’t go down without a fight, but the storyline took a shocking turn – and it wasn’t at all what viewers expected. After hearing the verdict, Meena made a scene in court screaming: “This is nuts. I am innocent. You call this justice. You bunch of morons.”

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But all of a sudden Carol Butler, the sister of Nadine Butler who was also murdered by Meena, burst into the courtroom with a piece of broken glass.

She lunged for Meena and caught her head, but in a twist of events Meena took the glass and put it to her sister Manpreet’s throat, before holding the entire courtroom hostage and stating: “This is my court room now.” But that wasn’t the only shocking thing to come out of the court room.

Yesterday during an interview on Lorraine, actress Paige Sandhu teased that Meena had a ‘big secret’ that was going to come out in her character’s dramatic finale and Paige said that after learning of her character’s outcome, she ‘dropped her script’ in shock.

After watching last night’s episode viewers will now know that what actress Paige was referring to was the fact that Meena had killed her own dad, which she revealed to her devastated sister Manpreet.

Meena caused chaos at the court room

But it turns out that the hour-long special was too far-fetched for viewers to handle, as they branded the episode ‘ridiculous’ and ‘unrealistic’ and slammed the soap’s writers.

“It was too far fetched even for a soap. The storyline was dragged out for all it was worth. Come on writers, give us viewers some credit! I was bored by the end of it, I’m beginning to think #Emmerdale has come to the end of the road for me,” Pauline wrote on Twitter.

“Script writers should be ashamed of themselves. Genuinely embarrassed for you all,” said viewer Danny.

Imran wrote: “#Emmerdale should be canceled after that episode tonight. Absolutely ridiculous in so many ways.”

“I normally love #Emmerdale, and I do have to say the actor playing Meena has been exquisite, but the storyline writers have officially lost the plot. Please just put this storyline out of its misery now,” said one Twitter user.

“Worked in the courts myself and there is no way on earth there would be no security. So unrealistic,” another viewer said.


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