Venom and Winnie the Pooh’s Terrifying Crossover Simply Defies Words

Not even the bravest comic fans can prepare for Tiggom, an unsettling fan creation blending Marvel’s Venom with Winnie the Pooh’s beloved pal Tigger.

In possibly the most bizarre crossover in the history of comic books, tiger from the beloved Disney winnie the pooh series meets the terror from beyond the stars, Venom. Social media has slowly been discovering comics with familiar covers altered with a character known as Tiggom, a horrifying amalgamation of Tigger and the Venom symbiote. It seems that fans are beginning to discover a rabbit hole appropriately and frighteningly known as the Tiggomverse.

The origin of this amazingly offbeat fusion lies with indie publisher Counterpoint Comics, founded by illustrator Marat Mychaels. Mychaels has worked for multiple publishers including Marvel and Image Comics’ Extreme Studios. Now, with Counterpoint, Mychaels sells his own original independent works such as Notti and Nyce and Savage Eve. Counterpoint has now provided an avenue for the artist to sell a number of Winnie the Pooh parody works such as walking dead pooh, Poohnisherand Do You PoohCounterpoint’s combination of Winnie the Pooh and Deadpool.


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On Twitter, the account bizarreness sent out a tweet containing images of a Tiggom comic book, flabbergasted that amalgamation was actually a real thing. They followed up the initial tweet showing off a collection of Tiggomverse related titles, mentioning that there are “hundreds of them.According to a Twitter thread by The Venom Site, the history of Tiggom is not unlike that of the Marvel character that inspired him. After Do You Pooh rejects a symbiote, it forms Tiggom and the two become bitter adversaries. Much of Tiggom’s character arc is nearly the same as Venom, though there is an argument to be made that the former is much more frightening in appearance.

Winnie the Pooh Tiggom Venom Counterpoint 1

Tiggom Winnie the Pooh Venom Counterpoint 2

Oh bother, indeed. The shock of Bizarnage speaks for everyone, as the concept is a bit uncomfortable to look at. After all, Winnie the Pooh is one of the most beloved characters of all time and Venom, for all of his massive fan appeal, is nowhere near as kid-friendly. More shocking than the existence of the nightmare fuel that is Tiggom, is the sheer volume of covers created by Mychaels.

However, despite the unsettling nature of the character, there is a bit of a morbid charm to Tiggom and Mychaels’ other amalgamations. The underground “alt comix” movement was practically built on art that provoked, outraged and shocked curious readers. Admittedly, Mychaels taking such family-friendly icons like Pooh and Tigger and adding in grossly over the top elements isn’t something most comic creators would do. But the unconventional juxtaposition creates something wholly unique that is sure to stay on the minds of fans long after they see it.

Fans put off by Tiggom need not worry. However disturbing the fusion of Venom and winnie the pooh‘s bouncy pal tiger is, Tiggom is only a fan creation and is confined to his own books (for now…).

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