Pekin author’s paranormal stories scare up first-place BookFest award

In her paranormal nonfiction anthology “Days of the Dead: A Year of True Ghost Stories,” author Sylvia Shults of Pekin offers a haunting for every day of the year.

“I am very happy to say that I found a ghost story for every single day… including leap day,” said Shults. “I think I should get bonus points because I did not use the Valentine’s Day Massacre for Feb. 14.”

Instead of transporting readers to a garage in Chicago on Feb. 14, 1929, Shults booked them on a trip to Chester, England, where a bride-to-be abandoned at the altar died by suicide and now haunts a chocolate shop. According to Shults, the spirit of her is notable for her hostility toward heart-shaped packaging.

“If the candy boxes are square, or if they’re octagonal or whatever, she leaves them alone,” Shults explained. “But ella she will knock down any display that has heart-shaped boxes around Valentine’s Day because ella she’s still mad about being left at the altar.”

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