10 Sam Gamgee Quotes That Show His Loyalty To Frodo

It’s no secret that Sam Gamgee is the real MVP of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Leaving behind the comfort of the Shire to accompany Frodo on his quest to destroy the One Ring, the bravery Sam showed and the companionship he provided were keys to the success of the mission.

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Sam’s adoration of Frodo is evident from the start, and he has many lines that prove his dedication. His simple, sweet nature of him is the one constant in Frodo’s world, a world that plunges deeper and deeper into darkness. At heart, Sam remains a humble gardener with a heart of gold. Because of that, the darkness can’t touch him, allowing him to fulfill Frodo’s every need along the way.


One Small Step

“If I Take One More Step, It’ll Be The Farthest Away From Home I’ve Ever Been.”

Sean Astin starring as Sam Gamgee Lord of the Rings

At Gandalf’s instruction, Frodo and Sam set out on a mission to bring the One Ring to Rivendell. As they leave the Shire, Sam hesitates for a moment, realizing he’s about to cross a boundary that he never has before.

This quote shows Sam’s willingness to leave behind his old life and follow Frodo into unknown danger. Not only is he physically moving into new territory, he’s also emotionally taking the first step towards his future from him, one that’s very uncertain. Sam displays a great deal of courage just in leaving the shire, courage that is fueled by his loyalty from him to Frodo.

Protective To A Fault

“Let Him Go Or I’ll Have You, Longshanks.”

Frodo and Sam in The Lord of the Rings trilogy movies

Frodo wears the One Ring for the first time at the Prancing Pony in Bree, disappearing in front of a crowd after Pippin reveals his identity. Aragorn has been watching him since he and the other Hobbits arrived. When Frodo vanishes, Aragorn forcefully pulls him away to speak with him.

Sam, Merry, and Pippin barge into the room where Aragorn and Frodo are speaking, with Sam leading the charge. This line stands out because Sam doesn’t have any fighting experience yet. However, that doesn’t matter to him. He’s more than willing to threaten Aragorn within an inch of his life for Frodo’s sake, even if it means putting his own in danger.

Keep Watch

“We Were That Worried About You. Weren’t We, Mr. Gandalf?”

Sam and Frodo at the secret council meeting at Rivendell in The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring

After Frodo is stabbed with a Morgul blade, it’s a race against the clock and the Ringwraiths to get him to Elrond in time. Once in Rivendell, Sam stays by an unconscious Frodo while he heals, never leaving his bedside.

Gandalf tells Frodo that Sam stayed with him the entire time, and Sam responds with this line. It’s a very obvious display of loyalty, but a powerful one. Sam again shows that he is willing to forego any material or physical comforts for Frodo’s sake. All he cares about is Frodo’s wellbeing, and he wo n’t be satisfied until he sees him fully recovered with his own eyes.

A Promise

“I Made A Promise, Mr. Frodo. A Promise. “Don’t You Leave Him, Samwise Gamgee.” And I Don’t Mean To.”

Frodo and Sam looking at the Black Gates in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Sam says this line when he and Frodo first set out, and he says it again when Frodo is about to continue on his own after Boromir tries to take the ring from him. It’s the command Gandalf gave him and he intends to see it through.

This emotional scene ends The Fellowship Of The Ring on a sad but hopeful note. Sam, though he cannot swim, runs into the river to follow after Frodo’s boat, almost drowning in the process. Sam is nothing if not stubborn and resolute, especially when it comes to Frodo, and here he proves that he’s in it for the long haul. He’s willing to walk into any kind of danger for Frodo’s cause.

His Sam

“It’s Me. It’s Your Sam. Don’t You Know Your Sam?”

When the ring’s power causes Frodo to almost give himself over to a Nazgûl, Sam tackles him and prevents the enemy from getting the ring. Frodo holds his sword up to Sam’s throat, not recognizing him while still under the ring’s influence.

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Sam speaks to Frodo gently, like a parent to a child. He quietly pleads with Frodo, bringing him back to himself. The emphasis on calling himself “your Sam” adds a subtle strength to his words. He is able to use his loyalty from him in its simplest form to pierce through the power of the ring and restore Frodo to his right mind from him.

Morale Compass

“There’s Some Good In This World, Mr. Frodo, And It’s Worth Fighting For.”

Sam planting flowers in The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring

Frodo is on the verge of giving up, telling Sam he can’t bear his burden anymore. Sam gives an impassioned speech about how dark times are passing moments and that the great heroes of old never turned back because they were holding onto the promise of goodness.

At the beginning of Sam’s speech, Frodo is sitting on the ground, defeated. But by the end of it, Sam has pulled him to his feet from him, a manifestation of what his words from him are doing psychologically. Due to the nature of the ring, Frodo can’t easily feel hope anymore, but that’s where Sam comes in. Since Frodo’s internal compass is malfunctioning, Sam faithfully works as an external guide for his heart.

What Love Looks Like

“Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow.”

Sam leaning on a wall and crying in Osgiliath in The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers

After being attacked by Shelob in Cirith Ungol, Sam believes Frodo is dead. He holds his body from him and cries, begging Frodo to wake up and not to leave him all alone.

The desperation in Sam’s voice on his own is enough to break even the hardest of hearts, but his choked sobs are the icing on the cake. This display of grief is devotion in its purest form. Sam’s love for Frodo is so strong that it’s almost tangible. Looking after Frodo is part of his identity and he can’t imagine a world where he is unable to keep following him.

To The Rescue

“Not If I Stick You First.”

Sam holding his sword and preparing to fight in The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King

When Frodo is held captive by Orcs in the tower of Cirith Ungol, it’s up to Sam to save him. Sam manages to fight off three Orcs on his way up and, when the Orc taunting Frodo tells him he’ll “bleed him like a stuck pig,” Sam drops this line as he kills him from behind.

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Just like when he threatened Aragorn in Bree, Sam isn’t afraid to risk his life for Frodo. But this time, he knows what he’s doing and can follow through on his words from him. The bravery of one little Hobbit facing four orcs is immeasurable, but Sam doesn’t give it a second thought. In his mind, nothing that happens to him compares to the pain of losing Frodo.

Above And Beyond

“Come On, Mr. Frodo. I Can’t Carry It For You, But I Can Carry You.”

Lord of the Rings: Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom

Frodo and Sam have reached Mount Doom, but the One Ring has almost entirely consumed Frodo. He’s weak and struggling under its influence, unable to move under his own power and make it to the top.

Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom is represents the important role he’s always played. This grand gesture is the culmination of his love for and service to Frodo. Sam consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty of a simple gardener out of sheer admiration and fealty. His part of him in Frodo’s life is clear to him and he will not give up on his master of him.

let go

“You Can’t Leave.”

When Frodo reveals that he’s going to the Undying Lands with Gandalf and the elves, all of his friends are devastated, Sam most of all. After everything they’ve been through, he’s crushed to find out that he’ll be losing his most beloved friend.

Sam never stopped supporting Frodo, even after the ring was destroyed. By this time, they are they are brothers in arms. For Sam, losing Frodo is like losing part of himself, a feeling that prompts this line. But once he sees Frodo step onto that ship and smile, sad though he is, Sam knows it’s for the best. This is his final act of loyalty to Frodo – letting him go.

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