‘Desert Getaway’ novel brings mystery, intrigue to Coachella Valley

A beleaguered gay concierge burdened by the emotional baggage of vacationers. A straight Black private investigator desperate to save herself from personal and professional disaster.

Sounds like the makings of a binge-worthy streaming series.

Hold that thought; “Desert Getaway: A Dante & Jazz Mystery” (Brash Books) must first be devoured by book lovers.

Any way you spin it, Rancho Mirage author Michael Craft is bound to nab accolades for his new novel, a tale worthy of our investment and one that weds the shadowy mystique of noir and the sunny beauty of the desert to winning ends.

“Most people in the valley came from somewhere else so the desert lends itself to beautiful storytelling just because of the natural beauty,” Craft says of setting the tale in Coachella Valley. “The desert can also be described in a poetic sense through the eyes of an outsider who’s experiencing it as something wondrous and enchanting. That makes it a great place for mysteries.”

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