Luisa Delfino: Ping Pong with the host of “I listen to you” who gave life to the late night radio

“I listen to you” is a phrase as synthetic as it is resounding: in his words, he makes clear the decision of who is speaking. With that phrase, a dialogue is enabled that, in this case, will be radio. 30 years later Louise Delfino applied a change as subtle as it was influential to the rules of the game that govern radio communication, the entrerriano changed the tune and debuted on Radio Rivadavia’s programming with I hear you.

When it debuted, the proposal opted for a minimal formatin which the voices of Luisa and that of a listener were heard who, through a telephone, met under the invitation: “I listen to you.”

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In its early morning hours, every Sunday from midnight to 2 in the morning, that formula is just as valid and necessary as it was 30 years ago. Since then, social networks flourished and a pandemic altered the social distance between people. However, it is still necessary intimate and sincere conversationwhich begins with an unappealing affirmation: “I listen to you.”

“I listen to you” went down in radio history (Photo: Courtesy Luisa Delfino).

Just as the program seems not to have passed the time, Luisa Delfino remains the same. She is always more worried about not finding a reflex modified by the surgeries, the mirror returns the image of that woman with long, curly hair. That same messy hair was key at the beginning of his career, when he came to the editorial office of the magazine People Y Chiche Gelblung He sent her to the hairdresser to erase the traces of a “chacarera look” and the “chacacheta” emerged, as the journalist recalls.

Luisa Delfino became one of the characteristic voices of the radio (Photo: Courtesy Luisa Delfino).
Luisa Delfino became one of the characteristic voices of the radio (Photo: Courtesy Luisa Delfino).

He is 71 years old, travels a lot to Los Angeles (where his daughter lives with his family) and decades ago he decided to provide a service to listeners: to put a space and his ear to talk about almost everything but, especially, about those topics that always they were wrapped in taboo. Except to talk about politics and religion, Luisa opens the microphone to talk about love, abandonment, loss, health (and not just the body) and the little things in life when she says “I hear you”.

To movie: Love Actually

To series: Law & Order Special Victims Unit

To TV shows: vulnerable

To radius: Rivadavia AM 630

To-book: “How much I loved you”, by Eduardo Sacheri

To social networks: Instagram

At meal: The choripan that my son-in-law prepares

To drink: I’m a teetotaler, I choose the cappuccino

A place in the world: Rome

A pending trip: Rome

To taste: caramel pancakes

An actor: Colin Firth

An actress: Grace Borges

To reporter: Nelson Castro

To tweeter: The hermit @dinamitteros

To musician: Vivaldi

Band: Coldplay

an idol: don’t have

to Diva: Lady Gaga

To friend: Susana Tambutti

To relative: my daughter Mariana and her whole family

A header sentence: “I like life so much that maybe I will live forever”

good news: we keep loving

To language: the Spanish

An insult: shit

gossip: harmless one

to joke: I don’t remember jokes but I have a sense of humor

A prediction: everything will work out

A song: Carusso, in the version of Luciano Pavarotti

To-skill: darning and sewing

To Vice: take you

to fear: to sadness and arbitrary evil

lie: I hate lies (I may have said one)

to downfall: go from bar to bar to have coffee with a book or newspaper in hand

To game: the trick

To find: live the day in the presence

An OCD: order my books all the time

to problem: are already past

A pending account: take a girls trip

to dream: that my family and my friends all lived more or less close, and arm the tribe


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