Private eye turns author with new book set in Largs

A PRIVATE investigator is proving he has the ‘write stuff’ after penning a book set in Largs.

Martin Geraghty earned rave reviews with his debut novel and has now penned a follow-up in the seaside town.

‘George Bunce and the Black Wave of Fear’ follows a fiercely-independent OAP who finds himself thrust into life a care home.

The book is set in Largs and George encounters many of the town’s landmarks – and even writes a strongly worded letter or two to the News.

Martin admits slipping into his second role as an author is very different from his day job.

He explained: “I am a private investigator by trade and writing is what I like to do at night or in my time off.

“Reading has always been a passion, but I have explored it through university or specific courses.

“Sadly, the idea actually for my debut book came from the murder of the MP Jo Cox and all the stuff surrounding the Brexit vote.

“I didn’t tell my friends or family that I was writing it and I was shocked when it ended up getting great reviews.”

Martin says that his second novel is the opposite of his first and it was inspired by the plight of care home residents during the pandemic.

He said: “My first book was quite dark and set in a Glasgow housing scheme, whilst this is set in Largs and the main character is a 70-year-old man.

“George Bunce has lived on his own for 40 years, likes his own company and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

“With the pandemic, a lot of people found themselves quite lonely and I wanted to turn that on its head.

“He finds himself in a nursing home and he is now surrounded by people and it’s a totally alien world to him.

“The book is all about he adapts and strikes up a friendship with his occupational therapist, who makes him see the world in a different way.”

Martin, who hails from Glasgow, says his inspiration to set the book in Largs came from visits to the town – and he believes it is the perfect fit for his elderly character.

He explained: “My mum retired many years ago down to Largs. She lives in Skelmorlie now and coming from Glasgow for the day was a regular thing.

“It’s a place I’ve always had a soft spot for, and when I was building up my character and the storyline, I knew I wanted somewhere with a strong sense of place.

“Largs is the perfect fit for him, the town has such a strong history and the character is really proud of it.

“George even sends a couple of angry letters into the News!”

George Bunce and the Black Wave of Fear is released on April 18 and can be bought on Amazon in paperback or eBook.

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