Rhonda Frevert reveals what’s available at Burlington Public Library

I recently gave a tour to a group of community members on the same day I got to teach a short course in genealogy to a class of home school students.

I love days like that. Sharing the library with people and helping them learn more about the resources and services they can access is one of my favorite things to do. The most common feedback is surprising that there is so much offered.

When I show people around the library, they aren’t surprised to see the many shelves of books. Public libraries are well known for that. Most also know libraries have magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, large print, music and movies to borrow.

They might be surprised to learn that our collection has more than 160,000 physical items in it and especially surprised by the more than 90,000 downloadable books and audiobooks library cardholders can borrow.

While the shelves of books and other formats are easy to see in the library, the virtual library doesn’t have a physical presence for a visitor to discover as they walk through the building.

The best way to see the virtual library is to go to the library’s website at burlington.lib.ia.us and explore. In addition to the large downloadable collection, the library’s online resources also include streaming video and music services, one-on-one online tutoring, and a service devoted to helping job seekers and veterans.

Cardholders also can find a directory of grant opportunities and a resource with technology tutorials.

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