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IT is in stillness that we find ourselves on the deepest level. When we give birth to this realization, we are then able to stand in our silent power.

That is just a sample of the gems waiting to be unearthed in Michelle Borel’s latest book Soulfully Yours. A Collection of Poetry.

Fans of the broadcaster and marketer who have combined her love for writing and motivational speaking to create a trove of self-help books would not be disappointed with Borel’s upcoming release which will be launched on April 23.

Borel recently started his own publishing company and has been writing up a storm. Last year alone she wrote and helped produce six books including two children’s books.

“In terms of writing I have always learned to ride the wave. As the creative energy comes and flows no matter where I am and what I am doing, I always ensure that as it hits my heart I pick up the pen and write. That’s something I’ve always done since I started writing. I’ve always understood the importance of embracing the law of inspired action,” she says.

Soulfully Yours was actually written in 2016 and edited the following year but after the success of her first collection of poetry Soulspection which won the Book of the Year – People’s Choice award in 2018, Borel wanted to ensure that its follow-up was of the same standard – or even better. So she put Soulfully Yours to the side until the time felt right.

“Poetry is very personal,” says Borel who has been writing since she has known herself.

“Poetry is like a lady, that being the case, I’m more protective of poetry than any other genre of writing,” she adds.

Borel had a very specific and unique vision of what she wanted the front cover of Soulfully Yours to look like. It was only in 2021 that she assembled a team of like-minded individuals and things finally began to fall in place.

“While I believe in inspired action I also believe that life is filled with so much irony and there are times when you must wait,” she says.

In Soulspection Borel shared her emotions, her fears and failures. And in the pages of Soulfully Yours, readers bear witness to her metamorphosis of her.

“In Soulfully Yours the reader will see more growth and maturity than in Soulspection which included poetry I wrote in my teens. So the reader will perceive the difference in someone who has learned to get a handle on her emotions,” she says.

By opening up about the disappointments, anger and hurt she has experienced in life, Borel has used her writing to reassure her female readers that they are not alone in their personal struggles. Borel hopes Soulfully Yours, which is dedicated to her husband de ella, will bring light into the lives of readers.

“I hope readers of Soulfully Yours will accept themselves – the negative and the positive – and embrace it and transform it into something that could work not only for their greater good but the greater good of our fellow man,” she says. “I hope readers find out what their purpose is and spend every moment of their lives adding light and love to those they serve.”

Borel also urges persons to pay attention to the energy in their inner circle and not allow space for negativity.

“I don’t give energy to something I don’t like, if it’s not something that fills my higher purpose or if it does not add to me positively, I pass it by. I look for the beauty, for the things that will add peace, joy, love and I’ve found that that benefits so many other areas of my life. I’ve seen so many things turn around once my perspective changed,” says Borel.

Soulfully Yours will be launched on April 23 at Kafe Blue from 3 – 5 pm Tickets are $200 and include entertainment and a copy of Borel’s latest book. Those interested in purchasing tickets can call 687-6424.


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