Succession Season 4 Scripts Are Nearly Completed

Succession has taken over as everyone’s favorite show to talk about, and after Season 3 and the war between Jeremy Strong‘s Kendall Roy and his father Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox), it left fans with plenty of questions for season 4. The last we saw, the Roy siblings were left completely without the support of their father and were actually fighting back against Logan for once instead of doing whatever he wanted. So with Season 4, it can be assumed that there will be plenty more of betrayal where that all came from.

Fortunately fans won’t have to wait long to find out: it seems as if they’re almost finished writing the scripts for the next season! Georgia Pritchett quote tweeted Succession star J. Smith-Cameron‘s (who plays Gerri on the show) picture that says “Straight Outta Waystar” with a simple sentence: “We’ve almost finished writing Season 4…” Pritchett gave us some incredible episodes of the series like “Too Much Birthday “That showed us just how much Kendall Roy was suffering from being separated from his family.


What this means is that maybe we won’t have a big gap between Season 3 and Season 4 like we did between Season 2 and 3. With delays due to COVID, there was almost a 2-year gap between seasons, so learning that they ‘re already almost done writing Season 4 should be exciting for fans.

Succession Roys Together

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The show may follow the rich elite media family, but it is somehow the kind of show that fans cling to for a number of reasons. These characters are clearly deeply troubled and no one seems to take any of their issues seriously, especially with how Logan ignores the kind of guidance and care his children need. And so each week, we tune in to make sure that Kendall lived through whatever he was doing last episode or what is happening with kieran culkin‘s Roman Roy and Gerri and so on.

Whether you love Cousin Greg (played by Nicholas Braun) or you’re trying to figure out why Tom Wambsgans (matthew macfadyen) is hurting everyone, the show has mastered the art of keeping fans on the edge of our seats between seasons, with Kendall accidentally killing someone at the end of Season 1, betraying his father in Season 2, and now being left with his siblings at the end of Season 3. So we can bet that Season 4 is going to give us quite a lot to unpack again.

We don’t know when we’ll be back with the Roy family but at least we know that they’re almost done writing what’s next for Waystar Royco.

There is currently no release date for Succession Season 4, but in the meantime check out Pritchett’s tweet below:


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