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**This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that were witnessed firsthand by me; used with permission.

There are just some things that should remain private, however, my neighbor didn’t realize or know that the windows allowed people to see into his house. The neighbor was active in the community and everyone knew that he had plenty of money.

His wife was a busy businesswoman and this particular week she was out of town at a conference. I knew that she was gone because she had told me before she left that she would be gone all week but she wanted to get together when she returned for a nice afternoon tea.

She and I often got together for afternoon tea and to just visit. She was a very sweet lady and I enjoyed our visits. We would talk about flower gardens and sip afternoon tea together and spend an hour or so at least once per week.

Since she was gone I was busy working in my office this particular afternoon when I heard a car door close. I glanced out of the window and saw a young woman entering through a side entrance into my friend’s house. My friend’s husband embraced the young woman tenderly and gave her a huge kiss. He then swept this woman off her feet from her and carried her to the stairwell and up the stairs.

I pondered what I had seen. Should I tell my friend? I wasn’t quite sure what I should do. As I pondered this the young woman left and my friend’s husband paraded around in the front windows half-dressed.

About an hour later another young woman arrived and the same thing transpired. He again embraced this young woman and swept her off her feet de ella and carried her up the stairwell. By now I knew that he wasn’t interviewing these young women for a play.

He was often involved in community plays so the fact that people were showing up wasn’t necessarily confirmation that he was cheating. However, the embraces and kissing of him and his carrying the women up the stairs was confirmation that something was going on that shouldn’t be.

This went on for the next several days. By now, I was used to hearing a different car door every hour or so. Each time the same thing happened. By now I was agonizing over what I should do or say to my friend.

My friend arrived home after her conference and I was agonizing about what to do. She called me gushing over how her husband had the house all spotless and how sweet he was. We scheduled our afternoon tea for a few days later. I was pondering what I was going to say to her when a few days later she called me to cancel our tea.

My friend had tears in her voice when she called me to cancel our tea. She told me that she and her husband were divorcing her. I did n’t say anything yet about what I’d seen, but she told me that another neighbor had informed her that her husband had been cheating on her. Then, she went to church and the pastor told her as well.

My friend stayed in the house by herself for three months. I helped her pack and told her how very sorry I was about how things had turned out for her. She never asked me if I knew what was going on or if I had seen anything and I never said anything because by now she already knew and I had been spared the agony of being the one to tell her.

Would you have called your friend if she was out of town and told her what was going on while she was gone? Would you have waited until she returned? Should I have told her what I saw as well or was I right to leave it be? Share in the comments what you would have done.

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