10 Quotes That Prove Clint Barton & Kate Bishop Have The Best Comics Friendship

Many would have been introduced to Kate Bishop from the hawk eye television series on Disney+, but she has been around in the comic books since her debut in 2005’s Young Avengers #01. Since then, she has appeared countless times in various series and slowly became friends with Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye.

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With so many team-ups and a friendship that has slowly grown over the years, there are many panels and quotes that define their friendship. But which ones are the best that show these archers as best friends in Marvel comics?

Words Of Advice

“You’re Gonna Miss Each And Every Shot You Can’t Be Bothered To Take. That’s Not Living Life–That’s Just Being A Tourist. Take Every Shot, Kate. If It’s Worth Caring About, No Matter How Impossible You Think It Is–You Take The Shot.”

Hawkeye Comic Panels

Seen by many as the series that inspired the look and feel of the hawk eye televisionseries, Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon by Matt Fraction was released in 2013 and collected multiple issues from hawk eye and Young Avengers into volumes. Among them is the 4th issue that saw Clint doing some target practice while donning his Ronin costume.


During this same target practice, he gives Kate some life lessons from his years as a superhero as well as an older and more experienced person. This would not be the last time that he would teach the young archer, but it shows the start of many adventures and moments between the two to come.

Trying To Ensure Safety

“Get As Far Away From ‘Hawkeye’ As You Can. If It Work’s Out, You’ll know And If It Doesn’t–Well, You’ll Know That Too.”

An image of Kate and Clint boarding a train in Hawkeye

The Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe television series, hawk eye, borrows a lot of elements from some of the Marvel comics. From becoming a wanted man to the danger of his Ronin persona, the 2012 comic book series of the same name played a huge part in it.

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In the 4th issue of hawk eye, Clint finds himself in deep trouble and tries to pack quickly to escape from those following him. For her safety from her from the situation he found himself in from her, Clint tells Kate to get away from him, showing just how much he values ​​her friendship from her and her life from her.

Respect Where It Is Due

“You Gotta Respect The Gear, There, Hawkeye.”

Panels from Hawkeye Comic

Throughout the hawk eye run by Matt Fraction, there are many moments that see their friendships and trust slowly grow across the series. But it also conveys that Clint is ready to teach Kate the ropes on what it takes to be an Avenger, showing just why he is one of Marvel’s best heroes without superpowers.

During an exchange in the 3rd issue, Clint shows off his many different arrows, one of which is the Boomerang Arrow. Despite her remarks about it, he tries to teach her about respecting the weapons and tools that they use to fight crime. Without respecting their equipment, they wouldn’t become the top archers they are known as in comics today.


“You’ve Earned It. World’s Big Enough For Two Hawkeyes. For Now, At Least.”

I Am An Avenger No.1

Over the years, the helm of multiple superheroes has been used by other characters in Marvel comics. The most notable was Spider-Man, who has been helmed by both Peter Parker and Miles Morales over the years.

During the first issue of I Am an Avenger #01, Kate and Clint talk about her taking on the mantle of Hawkeye and becoming the second among the Avengers. Proud of her achievements and her hard work, Clint tells her that she deserves it, continuing to show Marvel fans that anyone can be the hero they want to be.


“You’re OK, Barton. Anyone Ever Tell You That?”

Hawkeye Comic

In the 5th issue of the 2013 hawk eye comic book series, it was revealed that Clint was trying to cover the tracks of Navy Seals to protect their identity from a mission. Before the reveal of this moment, many believed that Clint killed Du Ke Feng, a dictator who was struck by arrows.

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After sustaining injuries, Clint lies on a hospital bed as Kate, Nick Fury, and Agent Hill look over him. Kate approaches him and places a hand gently on his de ella, acknowledging that he is a good person who will go out of his way to protect anyone and showing the respect and esteem she holds for him.

What Just Happened?

“What Naked Wizard?!”

Hawkeye vs.  dead pool

Perhaps one of the more unusual heroes to star alongside the famed archer, Deadpool joins Hawkeye, and the two attempt to solve a mystery involving SHIELD while also trying to beat each other to see who could reach the conclusion first. But Hawkeye is not alone as he yet again teams up with Kate Bishop to assist him before eventually working with Deadpool himself in one of Hawkeye’s best comic book team-ups.

In the second issue of Hawkeye vs. dead pool, the talkative mercenary is unfazed by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin and a naked wizard. But this is a major shock to Hawkeye and Kate, and they try to confirm with each other about their supernatural encounters, trusting one another completely.


“I Will Never Lie To You, Kate. Ever. About Anything. Otherwise, What’s The Point?”

An image of Kate and Clint about to fire arrows in Hawkeye

In the 5th issue of the 2013 hawk eye comics’ 4th volume, Kate and Clint’s friendship grows to a whole new level as they attempt to build and connect. But with years as a spy and member of SHIELD, it’s not easy for Clint to open up and trust another person in the same way as he does with Kate.

After Kate watches the video of what she believes Clint did, they have an intense exchange. This moment would be one of the greatest obstacles in their friendship as she questions his actions from him as a hero she looks up to.

joking around

“I Don’t Think The Air Quotes Are Necessary, Katie.”

West Coast Avengers No. 8

After their entanglement with land sharks, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton must take on her ex-boyfriend, Noh-Varr, a Kree from an alternate reality. But they are not alone as they request help from the rest of the West Coast Avengers team.

West Coast Avengers No. 8 saw Kate and Clint discuss their plan to infiltrate an event that Noh-Varr is hosting. Making fun of Clint’s status as a well-known hero and a celebrity, their banter has no bounds as they make light of each other and a situation in a room filled with other superheroes as well as some of her best friends.


“You’re Not A Bad Person, Clint.”

Clint Barton in the Ronin costume in Hawkeye

Once again, the 2013 hawk eye comic played another influential moment that defines the unique friendship between Kate and Clint. While covered in bandages, Clint faces his head down as he reconciles a relationship he was in.

Trying to cheer him up, Kate tells him that he’s not a bad person, even if the relationship he hadn’t worked out. Not only does it show that she cares for him, but it also equally shows that he confides in the young hero at his lowest times of her. It’s just a shame that this comic book run got canceled too soon.

Unbreakable Friendship

“How Could I Be Mad At You, Katie? You’re My Best Friend.”

All New Hawkeye Volume 3

Team Hawkeye has demonstrated that despite only being made up of two people, Kate and Clint can succeed unlike any other. Though they have no superpowers of their own, their skills and trust make them a force among the Avengers to be reckoned with.

in the All New Hawkeye comic book series from 2015, the sixth issue saw them standing on the beach after completing their latest mission. Thinking about leaving, Kate shows concern for her teammate’s feelings for fighting crime alone. But Clint understands how she feels, expressing that he ca n’t be mad at her best friend.

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