Hulk’s Ultimate Rage Revealed As Marvel Showcases New Level of Anger

The Hulk’s rage is being pushed to an all-new level, as it’s about to reach a stage in the Engine Room that’s “purely hypothetical.”

Warning! spoiler for Hulk #6 by Marvel Comics

the Hulk is being pushed like never before as his rage and anger reach new levels inside the Engine Room, which only spells bad news for those crossing paths with the hero. Banner ultimately loses control of Starship Hulk in a new preview of Hulk #6 by Marvel Comics. Unfortunately for Banner, the new person (or being) behind the wheel is testing the newly constructed Jade Giant, pushing him to a dangerous level not seen before.

In his current Marvel Comics adventures, the Hulk has been completely transformed by Bruce Banner. The brilliant scientist controls the augmented Hulk from inside his psyche, steering him like a starship. Meanwhile, Banner increases the physical Hulk’s rage and anger from the Engine Room, where the Jade Giant fights a series of escalating villains inside his own mind, fueling the real-life monster. However, in a new preview for the next chapter of his ongoing series, something evil takes control of the Hulk and pushes him to his most dangerous battle yet.


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In a brand new preview for Hulk #6 by Donny Cates, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Frank Martin, and VC’s Cory Petit, the being using Betsy Ross’ body inside the Hulk’s mind pushes the Engine Room to stage nine. The Hulk inside the Jade Giant’s mind faces off against some of the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics history, including Adam Warlock, Thanos, the Living Tribunal, and a version of Galactus, who is also a Hulk. Ross notes that stage nine is the most powerful level in the Engine Room ever recorded. Furthermore, she reveals that the “universal constants” combined might is significant while also revealing stage ten is purely hypothetical.

galactus hulk

galactus hulk

galactus hulk

Stage ten being purely hypothetical is an incredible tease about what the Hulk is about to face inside the Engine Room. It seems increasingly likely the level is where the Jade Giant will face off against Titan, the deadliest Hulk ever. Given the sheer might of stage nine, stage ten seems to feature an even more unfathomable amount of power, making Titan’s introduction make sense.

galactus hulk

galactus hulk

galactus hulk

It seems likely that stage ten inside the Engine Room will be activated, possibly unleashing the deadliest Hulk ever. However, until that happens, the Hulk will still have to deal with a near-impossible level of power as the being pushes him to the limits inside the Jade Giant’s psyche. Hulk #6 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores and online retailers on Wednesday.

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