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** This article is based on nonfiction by actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

My mother was born in the 1940s and in her era, women didn’t breastfeed their babies, they used a specially made formula that the doctors considered “healthier” for the babies. My mother was adamant about staying up on all the latest nutritional news. We grew up bottle-fed and ate a lot of highly processed foods that were full of preservatives and nitrates.

As a child, I suffered a myriad of health issues. When I married and left home I studied health and nutrition and discovered that part of my health issues were food-related. I cut out all nitrites and preservatives and slowly improved my health.

Fast forward to my first baby and I planned to breastfeed. Having been eating a healthier diet my doctor encouraged me to breastfeed my baby and told me that mothers milk was far superior to formulas where the doctors had to guess the right formula for any given baby.

My mother was shocked and told me that I was using a lousy doctor. I disagreed and breastfed my baby anyway. The first time my mother visited she brought me a complete set of bottles and enough formula for the first six months of my son’s life.

I told her no thank you, I’d be breastfeeding my son until he was a year old. My mother was horrified and told me that I needed to hide in the bedroom to nurse my baby while she was there. I refused. This would become a daily battle of wills for her visit from her of 2 weeks.

I would come out in the living room and my son would get hungry so I would nurse him. My mother would send me to the bedroom. I would refuse. When she saw that she wasn’t winning the battle, she began to throw a huge blanket over my head covering me and my son completely. Since it was only my mother and me in the house it was even more ridiculous!

When my husband was at work my mother was even worse about telling me when, and where to breastfeed my baby. She told me to only feed him twice per day and that 5 minutes on each side was plenty. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to her demands from her.

I finally had to call my dad while she was checking the mail and ask him to come and get her so I could feed my baby. I would go on to have 4 more children but by the time the rest of my children were born we had drawn the battle lines and she no longer interfered. To this day she still tells me that I should have bottle-fed my children as she did.

My mother isn’t in the best of health these days. She still insists on a lot of highly processed foods and nitrites and other chemicals in her food. She tells us that she can’t have salt but she can have everything else. My children are all healthy and happy and all of them chose to breastfeed their children as well.

However, when visiting my grandchildren with my mother in tow she gazed lovingly at the nursing mothers and said how precious it is that they can nurse. I did n’t say anything but had to shake my head at her change of thoughts about her.

What would you have done? Would you have gone to the bedroom to nurse your baby or stayed in your living room? Share in the comments.

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