Author Kacy Chambers Announces Upcoming Book Release ‘My Dad Is a GOOD Cop’ is available now

MEMPHIS, TN – April 18, 2022 – Author Kacy Chambers has announced the release of her new book, My Dad Is a GOOD Copwhich is available now.

Chambers, a stay at home mother of two, published her first two books during the COVID-19 quarantine in 2020. Her first book, Do NOT Touch Me There helps teach children about privacy and their bodies is an essential way of helping keep them safe and aware of what people are and aren’t allowed to do to them. She also published Don’t Touch Me There journals for young boys and girls to accompany this book. These beautiful journals encourage boys and girls to explore their feelings and contemplate gratitude, mindfulness, and self-esteem.

Her 2na book, Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa Forget helps children understand when people in their families have memory issues such as Alzheimers and Dementia.

Now, Chambers is launching her fifth book. My Dad Is a GOOD Cophelps children celebrate good cops and foster honest conversations about the police. Artfully combining a heartfelt story with beautiful illustrations that leap from every page, this thoughtful children’s story is specially written to spark valuable conversations, encouraging parents to start honest discussions and encourage kids to develop a fair and balanced view of the police.

“Children understand far more than adults give them credit for,” said Chambers. “With the amount of police brutality cases we are seeing it is our responsibility as adults to have this important conversation with children.”

Chambers says adults should step up and explain that just like there are good people and bad people, there are good cops and bad cops too. Chambers has written her newest book to inspire kids to respect and look up to the police, while gently reminding them that not every cop is good. Ideal for providing kids with a grounded view of the police amid todays’ turbulent social climate, this story breaks complex topics down into easily-digestible information that young children can understand. “My Dad Is a GOOD Cop provides the perfect platform for parents to begin a much-needed conversation,” said Chambers.

right now, My Dad Is a GOOD Cop is available on Amazon. It will be available on her website from her May 2022.

More information on Chambers and her thoughtfully created children’s books can be found at

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