Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary x Uniqlo T-Shirt Collection Coming To US

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Final Fantasy is releasing a collection of T-Shirt designs in collaboration with fashion brand Uniqlo.

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One of Square Enix’s most successful video game franchises, final-fantasyis celebrating its 35th year this 2022. Square Enix has started the celebrations with a dedicated site that shares official news and activities related to final-fantasy‘s 35th yearanniversary. However, recently, leaks have been making rounds online that final-fantasy is collaborating with fashion brand Uniqlo to launch a new collection of shirts. And now, official updates have been shared, and the collection will be releasing in the United States this May 2022.


Uniqlo is no stranger to collaborating with some of the biggest video game series around the world. Some recent collections feature popular titles from Capcom like Street Fighter Mega Man, and even monster hunter. Uniqlo has also worked with Nintendo for T-Shirt designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario, and more. With final-fantasy Hitting a major milestone this 2022, it is likely not a surprise for one of the biggest fast fashion brands to work with the most well-known video game series from Square Enix.

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On the official US store of Uniqlo, 16 designs from the final-fantasy 35th anniversary collection have been uploaded by the brand. Each of the shirt designs represent one title from the whole final-fantasy series, cohesively creating a collection that completely represents the franchise. The unisex T-Shirts will be available online and in physical Uniqlo stores starting May 16, 2022. Customers can choose between eight sizes, though each design only comes with a single designated color.

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What is interesting about this Uniqlo collection is that it provides options for final-fantasy fans across the generations. Since the designs cover the series from Final Fantasy 1 until the unreleased title Final Fantasy 16, there is something for every kind of fan of the RPG franchise, no matter the age. In terms of pricing, customers will have to shell out $19.90 USD per shirt, which is quite pricey given how basic some of the visuals and colors of the shirts are. Uniqlo also indicated that special final-fantasy 35th Anniversary Uniqlo limited edition cards will be available to customers, though details on how to get them have yet to be shared.

final fantasy 35th anniversary uniqlo ff7 shirt

For those looking to incorporate a little of final-fantasy into their lives without revealing too much of their fandom, this Uniqlo collection seems like a great addition to any fan’s closet. With more than half of 2022 still to come, hopefully Square Enix announces more final-fantasy collaborations with other brands, especially in the fashion department.

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