Final Fantasy XIV: The Easiest Mounts To Get First

Final Fantasy XIV features several unique Mounts that Warriors of Light can quickly and almost effortlessly earn through doing specific activities.

Collecting Mounts in final fantasy XIV can be a demanding process, and although there are several Mounts awarded to Warriors of Light as they organically progress through the MSQ, players might wish to know of other Mounts they can acquire that are easily earned and not simply handed to them. Despite being uncomplicated to obtain, these unique Mounts in FFXIV can help players stand out in a crowd without the need to put countless hours into grinding or completing challenging content.

Before listing the easiest Mounts to get in final fantasy XIV, it is essential to mention some of the Mounts that players will effortlessly unlock by playing through the game and its expansions. For example, the Chocobo and black Magitek Armor are earned naturally during To Realm Reborn. Furthermore, the Black Chocobo, Manacutter, and Midgardsormr are quest rewards during the heavenward storyline. While these free Mounts could be considered “easy to get,” they are excluded since they are automatically presented to the player without any requirements.


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The first most accessible unique Mount FFXIV players can obtain is the Antelope Stag. This Mount is acquired by trading Fête Token ×30 with Enie in The Firmament of heavenward. However, due to Antelope Stags being so commonly obtained, there has been a consistent surplus of them on the Market Boards of many Data Centers. As a result, players can purchase the Antelope Stag Mount for several thousand Gil and frequently even less.

Easy Mounts To Unlock First In FFXIV

Easy Mounts To Unlock First In FFXIV

The next three extremely easy Mounts to acquire in final fantasy XIV are the Behemoth, Magitek Death Claw, and Voidal Resonator. Both can be purchased from Jonathas in Old Gridania at X:10.6 and Y:6.2. These three Mounts each cost Achievement Certificate ×6, a currency effortlessly and naturally through gameplay. Since achievements can be earned through almost every in-game activity, acquiring these Mounts should be a breeze.

Another assortment of achievement-related Mounts in FFXIV and other rewards that players often miss are directly correlated with a specific achievement. By opening the in-game Achievement Tab and filtering the search by showing “Mount Rewards,” FFXIV will see several Mounts that they can claim through playing their class or job. For instance, fans can acquire the Battle Bear Mount by completing a set of activities in the Duty Finder as a Warrior. Likewise, Warriors who’ve already played the game for 50-100 hours should already have unlocked this Mount but have yet to claim it in their Achievement Tab. Similarly, more exclusive Mounts, such as the Conjurer’s Unicorn, can be earned by completing tasks or quests as a specific job in FFXIV. Finally, it should be noted that Mounts acquired through Extreme Trials are incredibly easy to obtain via solo Duties once players have reached 20 levels or higher than that specific Trial’s required level.

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final fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or Square Enix’s official website.

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