Flash’s Insulting New Nickname Has a Hilarious Real-Life Origin

The Flash was referred to his most unlikely nickname, which actually comes from a hilarious real-life naming issue that impacted the hero.

Warning! spoiler for Flash #781 by DC Comics

the Flash has one of the most iconic superhero names in comics, but when his DC Comics adventures were brought to Argentina, he was given a hilarious new nickname as Flush Man. Flash #781, Wally West even references his history with the insulting name, as a young fan refers to him as Flush Man. Despite confusing Wallace West, the Flush Man name is actually an accurate moniker to call the hero.

The Scarlet Speedster might be known as The Flash in North America and other regions, but when DC Comics brought the hero overseas, a dispute surrounding his name led to the character getting a new nickname. In Argentina, The Flash was renamed Flush Man, with the moniker being printed in big, bold letters just as it would in English translations of hero’s adventures. Now, The Flash’s Flush Man nickname is becoming canon in his own universe, as a young fan just referred to him as Flush Man, which Wally West fully embraces.


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In Flash #781 by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Jeremy Cox, Peter Pantazis, and Rob Leigh, Wally West tries to bond with Wallace West and tell his fellow speedster he needs his help. The pair end up at an ice cream shop to lighten the mood, where a young fan wearing an Argentina soccer jersey approaches them and calls The Flash “Flush Man.” Wallace is confused by the nickname, as Wally tells him “it’s a whole thing,” that he’ll explain later, with text at the bottom of the page telling readers to “Internet search ‘Flush Man Argentina.”

A quick Google search reveals in the country, The Flash was given the nickname Flush Man. It seems (but not officially confirmed) a trademark dispute involving The Flash’s name resulted in DC Comics being forced to give the character a new superhero nickname, as they landed on Flush Man.

While it’s nothing new for a hero to get a translated name in a different language-speaking area, for example, Wolverine has been referred to as Wolverine in Latin America, the fact Flush Man is now DC Comics canon is hilarious. The Flash seems to understand the Argentinian nickname isn’t meant in a mean way, even if its English meaning is insulting, as he embraces being referred to as Flush Man from the young fan. Readers can see The Flash get called Flush Man as Flash #781 by DC Comics is available in comic book stores and online retailers now.

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