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The past couple of years have not been easy — and for most, they meant far more time spent at home without many of the people and pastimes that comfort us (spending time with family and friends, traveling and even physically participating in the communities we love). ). The pandemic has also more pressure than ever on our favorite hobbies to “perform” (read: bring us joy) — and truthfully, crafting the ultimate sourdough starter can only do so much for your mind, body and soul.

So if you’re on the hunt for a new way to spend your time that doesn’t involve doomscrolling, we’re here to suggest reigniting your passion for reading by joining the GH Book Club. The twist? We’ll be focusing solely on reads that will make you feel great, delivering a dose of positivity each month with an uplifting page-turner that will engage your mind and make you smile. At the end of the year, our hope is that your bookshelf will be filled to the brim with thought-provoking, inspiring fiction and non-fiction picks from both well-known and emerging authors — and that you discover a rekindled (or newfound) reading habit that will help you cultivate a sunny outlook on life, and may even improve your memory and longevity.

How to join: Sign up for good housekeeping‘s newsletter to get a monthly reminder when a new book has been chosen. Then, buy the book. Finally, share this page with your friends so you can enjoy the book together. Don’t forget to check back here the first week of every month to learn about our favorite new read and share what you loved about this month’s book in the comments!

With every book hand-picked by good housekeeping editors, we want these reads to improve your life and enrich your day-to-day routine, whether through uplifting stories and inspiring character journeys, peeks into lived experiences or ideas that challenge the status quo and offer new perspectives.


Unlikely Animals by Annie Hartnett


Unlikely Animals: A Novel

Emma Starling was born with special healing abilities, but her life has basically gone downhill since. After dropping out of medical school, she returns to her small New Hampshire hometown to help care for her ailing father, Clive, who’s dying of a brain disease and hallucinating the ghost of a long-dead naturalist and his animal companions. As if that weren’t enough, her childhood best friend of her is missing, and Clive is the only one in town who seems to care of her. As Emma tries to put her life back together and keep her dad safe through the last stage of his de ella, she helps her family and their little town de ella realize what’s really important. This tragicomic novel is heartfelt, touching and delightfully quirky. You’ll fall in love with the offbeat cast of characters (both living and dead, human and animal) and find yourself rooting for them right through the last page.


Order Unlikely Animals on Amazon or — or pick it up at your local library — and read along with us!


Annie Hartnett is the author of Rabbit Cake, which was listed as one of Kirkus Reviews‘s Best Books of 2017 and a finalist for the New England Book Award. She has received fellowships from the MacDowell Colony, Sewanee Writers’ Conference and the Associates of the Boston Public Library. She studied philosophy at Hamilton College, has an MA from Middlebury College and an MFA from the University of Alabama. When she began writing Unlikely Animals, she was living in the groundskeeper’s house in a cemetery. She now lives in a small town in Massachusetts with her husband, daughter and border collie, Mr. Willie Nelson.


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• June 2021: Where the Grass Is Green and the Girls Are Pretty by Lauren Weisberger


• July 2021: What a Happy Family by Saumya Dave BUY NOW

• August 2021: The View Was Exhausting by Mikaella Clements and Onjuli Datta BUY NOW

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• October 2021: harlem shuffle by Colson Whitehead BUY NOW

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