Poison Ivy Will Make You Fall in Love With Her In Stunning New DC Art

Poison Ivy has rarely looked better than she does in a new variant cover from artist Jenny Frison that will appear in her upcoming DC Comics series.

Warning! spoiler for poison ivy #2 by DC Comics

DC Comics is about to give poison ivy a starring role, as the villain will take center stage in her own ongoing series for the publisher later this summer. For poison ivy #2 by DC Comics, superstar artist Jenny Frison shared her variant cover for the comic book showing Pamela Isley’s beauty. The stunning piece makes it clear why she’s become a fan-favorite character, as it captures the character’s breathtakingly beautiful character.

Poison Ivy has an interesting history over her storied history at DC Comics. After debuting in Batman #181 by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff back in 1966, Pamela Isley’s Poison Ivy would become one of Batman’s main rogues, as she used her powers to manipulate plants and create mind-controlling toxins to become a huge problem for the crimefighter. Over time, Isley would become more of an antihero, as her eco-terrorist side often played to real-life environmental issues. While she was initially of love interest to Batman, her odd-couple pairing with Harley Quinn led to the creation of one of the best romances in comics.


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In DC Comics’ recently revealed solicitations, a new preview for the upcoming poison ivy series by G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara was shared. The preview for poison ivy #2 teases Poison Ivy’s darker path, as her “journey to doom mankind” will take her out of Gotham City and lead her directly to a roadside restaurant, where she’ll encounter both a poet and the cops. Additionally, the solicitation showcases artist Jenny Frison’s variant cover for the issue, which features Pamela Isley laying in a bed of roses, as she looks absolutely stunning. Poison Ivy holds a rose close to her chest as her inescapable beauty is displayed.

Poison Ivy deserves her own ongoing series and to see the talents of G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara tackling the character should have readers and fans of the character incredibly excited. Plus, for those worried the series will take away from her romance with Harley Quinn, they have no fear; as Wilson has mentioned the couple isn’t going anywhere.

The stunning Jenny Frison variant cover art for poison ivy #2 is unsurprisingly gorgeous. Frison has a knack for bringing out the beauty in the characters she draws, and Poison Ivy is no exception. For readers who want to pick up the breathtaking variant cover (a standard variant, not an incentive) from Frison, poison ivy #2 by DC Comics arrives in comic book stores and online retailers in July.

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