10 Games To Play While Waiting For Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2

Final Fantasy VIII Remake was one of the biggest hits of 2020 and an exciting re-imagining of a classic game. It managed to capture both the spirit of the original and add its own new elements. That being said, it was only the first part of a larger story that will be continued with Remake Part 2.

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Owners of the Playstation 5 got treated to Final Fantasy 7 Remake integrate, the next step in the remake. Square-Enix also has other games in the brand, like The First Soldier and Ever Crisis. Ultimately, these titles are appetizers while Part 2 is in development. But fans of remake can find plenty of other games to help hold them over during the wait.


Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger Of Paradise (2022)

Warriors of Light head out in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an action-focused re-imagining of something much older and archaic. Its plot changes made it controversial, but its sharp aesthetics and gameplay managed to win over its skeptics. This is also a description of Final Fantasy Origins. The game was initially maligned but turned out to be quite good.

Both take the enemies and characters of classic final-fantasy games and re-imagine them. Final Fantasy 1‘s tone was similar to Dungeons and Dragons. Origins brings it closer in tone with 7th, featuring more anime designs by the same character designer. Ultimately, both games are alternate takes on the JRPG formula, and fans of one should enjoy the other.

Devil May Cry 5 (2019)

Devil May Cry 5 Vergil Dante Ice Fire

JRPGs in general are moving toward action gameplay. While there are still plenty of turn-based JRPGs to play, the big names in the genre, at the moment, are action games, so it might be good for fans of these games to brush up on one of the best. Devil May Cry V is the be-all-end-all of action games.

It’s a stylish, combo-heavy title with protagonists that already look like final-fantasy‘s Sephiroth. The combo-heavy action with multiple styles is similar to the party gameplay in remake. So while the genres are different, players are still carving up monsters in much the same way. There’s even different equipment with which to experiment in both.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age (2019)

Screenshot from Dragon Quest XI S

This game is for players looking for a more traditional experience. Dragon Quest XI is, in a lot of ways, a modern take on a traditional JRPG. The colors are bright and the mood is high-fantasy adventure, and while the game has darker moments, it remains relatively chipper throughout.

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It does have something in common with remake, ace fans will get to see iconic classic monsters translated into 3D. The art of Akira Toriyama gives the game’s towns a distinctive look, and there are just as many side quests to do in this game’s world as there are in Midgar.

The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel (2017)

Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel Main Key Art

The premise of The Legend Of Heroes series is betrayed by its name. The series has been going strong since before Final Fantasy 7. That said, the Trails of Cold Steel series is a good jumping on point. The game features more camera control and a faster battle system.

The game takes place in the Erebonian Empire after the events of previous games and the plot focuses largely on classism and government reforms. This is a good showcase of one of the Legend of Heroes‘ signature gimmicks: it features tons of dialogue and the game has tons of unique text, even when talking to shopkeepers.

NieR Automata (2017)

2B faces a Machine Life Form in Nier: Automata

Some players may emerge from Midgar and desire a return to that Industrial Punk setting. NieR Automata is a good fit for such fans. While the world of Automaton is reclaimed by nature, there are still giant factories and cities to visit. The game has a lot to say about the efforts of man and the environment, although it has a definitively different take than Final Fantasy 7.

The player takes the role of Android 2B. This character has many customization options for combat. There’s also an upgrade system similar to the ones found in final-fantasy games. Fans shouldn’t miss this opportunity to explore a desolate world through synthetic eyes.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (2020)

Nowadays the Xenoblade series is a Nintendo flagship. But the developers, Monolith Soft, used to work closely with Square-Enix. Their heyday was around the same time as the original 1997 Final Fantasy VII, so what has two-plus decades of experience helped create? The result is Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Editionone of the most complex and polished RPGs on Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles puts the player in the role of Shulk. He’s caught in the middle of a war between the Homs and Mechon, a human-like race and a machine-like race. Through his adventure from him, he learns about their gods and the futility of revenge. It’s a breathtakingly personal story with tons of twists and oodles of sidequests and fans cannot wait for the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Tales Of Arise (2021)

Tales of Arise Preview

the Tales Of series is Bandai-Namco’s premiere RPG franchise. There have been plenty of versions over the years, and everyone has their favorite. Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia are both classic fantasy adventures worth any player’s time. But the recent Tales of Arise blasts past them as the highest-rated Such game.

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Tales of Arise features great world design, music, and a plot featuring two protagonists from different worlds who must unite to save both. The game offers crisp photorealistic visuals without compromising its anime aesthetic, and the battle system the series has been known for remains strong. It’s an easy recommendation as it strips out most of the grindy elements of the genre.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon (2020)

Yakuza Like A Dragon Key Art

Yakuza might not be what one first thinks of when it comes to JRPGs, but the series has always had a surplus of equipment and sidequests. Really, even before the series changed to a non-fantasy turn-based JRPG, it was always there. Fans might consider Midgar from 7th Remake to be similar to Yakuza mainstay, Kamurocho.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a turn-based JRPG in its entirety, though. It features encounters, experience points, and a class system. It also features a lively city to explore and party members to grow closer to. Despite the game stating its inspiration as dragon questit’s the Final Fantasy 7 remake that will come to mind.

Chrono Cross (1999)

Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers Edition Review

Earlier, Monolith Soft was mentioned as having worked at Square in the past, and one of the games they worked on was the acclaimed Chrono Cross. While its predecessor, chronotrigger, is arguably one of the best games ever made, Cross is more similar to the original Final Fantasy 7 as a fellow PS1 RPG and it even was one of several classic JRPGs recently released on Nintendo Switch.

Chrono Cross features a unique battle system with stamina and elemental fields. This prioritizes players to think strategically in a change from more active systems, but the music and world design are some of the best in the genre. The plot also concerns alternate realities, which is a major crux of Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s new story elements.

Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Final Fantasy VII Cloud

The number one game players should play while waiting for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 it’s obvious because it’s the original PS1 classic. Whether replaying it or playing it for the first time, the game is an immaculate piece of gaming software that revolutionized how cutscenes and stories were once done. It was the killer app of the Playstation 1 and a major stop for any gaming history enthusiast.

It’s also worth returning to as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake proved not to be a 1-to-1 remake. The game features several new narrative elements, and while remake is mostly similar to Disc 1 of the original, it’s clearly set to diverge further. Refreshing or experiencing the events of the original is definitely going to be essential for understanding any new story. And even if the new story ends up falling flat for fans, new players, and critics, players do themselves a disservice by not being familiar with the original and all of its Materia, Golden Saucers, Chocobos, and Meteors.

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