Days of Future Past Cover With New Art

A new cover for DC Comics’ upcoming “Shadow War” crossover homages a classic Marvel Comics X-Men cover for Days of Future Past.

Warning! spoiler for Shadow War Zone #1 by DC Comics

the Shadow War crossover is underway across the DC Universe and the publisher revealed things are about to get even deadlier while also debuting a surprise X-Men Marvel Comics homage. In a new cover for the upcoming Shadow War Zone #1 by DC Comics from Howard Porter and Arif Prianto, an iconic Days of Future Past cover by John Byrne and Terry Austin is reimagined with Deathstroke and someone posing as the villain being showcased.

X Men #141 features one of the most iconic Marvel Comics covers ever, as the John Byrne and Terry Austin-created image feature Wolverine and Kitty Pryde standing in front of a list of the slain and captured mutants in a dystopian future ruled by Sentinels. The comic has been homaged numerous times, as the striking art is among the most recognizable covers in comic book history. Now, DC Comics is doing a surprise homage to the Days of Future Past cover art, ace Shadow War Zone #1 imagine Deathstroke in a similar situation.


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DC Comics shared the new Shadow War tie-in, Shadow War Zone #1, which will star a few heroes and villains and focus on their adventures during the crossover. The book includes Joshua Williamson and Otto Schmidt teaming up for a new Black Canary story, where she hunts Deathstroke after the death of Ra’s al Ghul. Nadia Shammas and Sweeney Boo are collaborating on a new story focused on Talia al Ghul’s early days. Ed Brisson, Mike Brown, Mark Morales, and Antonio Fabela will tell a new Clownhunter and Ghost-Maker starring story. Lastly, Stephanie Phillips and Ann Maulina will tell an assassin-filled Harley Quinn adventure in the anthology. The comic will feature a Marvel Comics and X-Men homage, as Howard Porter and Arif Prianto’s open-to-buy homage variant pays tribute to Days of Future Past.

deathstroke marvel comics homage-2

The Howard Porter and Arif Prinato homage cover does a brilliant job bringing the classic image to the DC Universe, as it gets Deathstroke and his imposter (or possibly Respawn) together as Batman shines a light on them. Everything from the central art, to the trade-dressing, to the corner box homages the X Men #141 cover from Byrne and Austin.

DC Comics and Marvel Comics might be competitors, but the publishers have homaged each other numerous times in the past, including, most recently, a Batman cover paying tribute to a classic Todd McFarlane Spider-Man cover. In this case, the homage does an excellent job recreating the classic X-Men Marvel Comics cover. Readers can pick up Shadow War Zone #1 when it arrives in comic book stores on May 17, 2022.

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