New book presents a logical discussion on the possible origins of life and its growth into complex lifeforms

Bob Yari announces the release of ‘On Creation and The Origins of Life: An exploration of Intelligent Design’

THE ANGELS, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A lifelong fascination with the origins of life on earth and how that can be logically traced to acknowledge both evolution and creationism given the immense complexities of self-renewing life forms and their biological coding inspired Bob Yari to write “On Creation and The Origins of Life: An exploration of Intelligent Design” (published by iUniverse).

This book is an in-depth exploration of the various possibilities and theories on the start of life on the planet. Here, Yari presents a logical discussion of the possible origins of life and its subsequent growth into complex lifeforms based on the most recent technological and scientific knowledge.

The author takes the evolutionary mechanism built into human cells as a fact, yet also contemplates that intelligent design may have created the intricacies of carbon-based life while designing an evolutionary mechanism into its blueprint to enhance survival.

This book serves as a step-by-step rationalization of how the most fundamental version of a lifeform could have formed and how it then could have evolved into complex animals and plants living in perfect balance on planet Earth.

“Everyone has the same questions of life and why we are here. Most of our beliefs are based on what we have been taught as children. This is a more scientific and logical exploration that should serve to stimulate thought and debate,” Yari says. When asked what he wants readers to take away from the book, he answers, “An inspiration to think about, explore and debate the topics.” For more details about the book, please visit

“On Creation and The Origins of Life: An exploration of Intelligent Design”
By Bob Yari
Hard cover | 6x9in | 84 pages | ISBN 9781663226129
soft cover | 6x9in | 84 pages | ISBN 9781663226105
Ebook | 84 pages | ISBN 9781663226112
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Bob Yari is a producer and director with over 40 theatrical motion pictures to his credit, including Best Picture Oscar winner “Crash” as well as “The Illusionist,” “Hostage,” “Matador” and “Painted Veil.” He is currently the executive producer on the hit series “Yellowstone, 1883,” and “Mayor of Kingstown.” He is the CEO of Yari Film Group and founder of 101 Studios in The Angels. He is also a prolific real estate developer and author of “The Human Condition,” published in 2021.

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