‘POCtober’ makes leap from virtual world to paperback with new book

In recent Octobers, a number of daily drawing challenges have emerged under names like “Drawtober,” in which artists are given prompts each day with a goal of completing 31 individual works over the course of the month.

Columbus artist Raeghan Buchanan participated in her first October drawing challenge in 2017 but found some of the prompts less-than-inspiring, launching her own “POCtober” series the following year centered on Black and POC musicians. Immediately after Buchanan announced her plans for her, fellow artist Frank Lawson reached out and asked to take part, contributing a sketch of Cleveland / Columbus punk band Minority Threat that helped kick off the ongoing Instagram collaboration on Oct. 1, 2018.

“The first year I definitely did a lot of the punk and hardcore bands that I knew from Pittsburgh and Cleveland,” said Buchanan, who joined Lawson for a recent interview at Upper Cup Coffee. “And then Frank… has brought a lot more rock ‘n’ roll, so it’s kind of evolved in that way. And then both of us are always sending each other articles [on other musicians] consider you.”

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