10 Elena Quotes That Prove She Didn’t Love Stefan

The epic love triangle between Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, and Damon Salvatore continues to be one of the most iconic love stories in the history of television. With an equal number of The Vampire Diaries fans shipping both couples, Elena’s love for both the brothers often came into question.

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She began her tryst with the Salvatores by hesitantly dating Stefan and then being kissed by him, but the hint of the slightest inconvenience made her switch loyalties. Her love de ella for Damon came at a time when Stefan needed her support the most (as he was compelled to run with Klaus), and she barely even bothered ending things with him properly. These quotes prove that her love de ella for the younger Salvatore was never real.


When She Trusted Damon Over Stefan

Damon: “You Should Have Called Stefan.”

Elena: “I Don’t Trust Him Right Now.”

Damon and Elena together in The Vampire Diaries

Elena could usually be a fountain of wisdom, but this time, she failed to show emotional maturity. Even though Stefan was working with Klaus and Connor to get the cure for Elena secretly, it took very little for her to lose faith in the man she had claimed was the love of her life.

She could have voiced her concerns to anyone else or called one of her many friends to help, but she chose Stefan’s brother, who was in love with her. It seemed like her feelings for Stefan were gone already, and she had chosen his replacement for him.

Gave Up Hope On Him Too Quickly

“The Stefan That We Know Is Gone.”

Stefan Salvatore season 2 of the vampire diaries

Stefan did plenty of terrible acts with his humanity off, but this time, he had been compelled to do so by Klaus. Elena did try to get him back, but her attempts by her were feeble compared to the things she did for Damon in the show.

She reached her conclusions too quickly, and the time she should have spent waiting or trying to look for ways to get Stefan back, she used to bond with his brother instead. It was sad that the moment she was left alone without Stefan, her mind wandered.

Refused To Stick Around For Him To Return

“I Won’t Love A Ghost For The Rest Of My Life.”

The younger Salvatore considered Elena his most cherished love interest, but Elena couldn’t wait even for a short period of time to reunite with him. She had gone through hell, compelled away her memories of her, and even slept for years to be with Damon. However, Stefan didn’t have the same hold on her.

She declared him a ghost, even as he struggled with the amount of killing he was forced to do to save Damon’s life and told him to his face that he shouldn’t expect her to stick around at all.

But Elena Loved Damon Unapologetically

“I Am Not Sorry That I’m In Love With You.”

Damon and Elena cuddle together on The Vampire Diaries

Damon was the most bloodthirsty vampire on the show. He had always chosen to do the wrong thing for the majority of the show, except for a select few moments. He had hurt Elena’s own family, abused her friends from her, and even messed with her. Yet, she loved him unconditionally.

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This quote really showed the lengths she was ready to go for one brother, but not the other, even when all Stefan had done was the good, right thing for her. But that did not matter to her because her affections de ella never lay with Stefan.

Nothing Could Change Her Love For Damon

“Take The Cure With Me. That’s How Much I Know This Is Real. That’s How Certain I Am That I’m Gonna Love You Even After This Is All Over.”

Damon and Elena stand on the clock tower together

The cure was the most powerful object on The Vampire Diaries, and Elena only wanted to share it with Damon. Stefan had craved to be human for centuries, but that didn’t matter to her. She was certain that her love for her would survive a species change, but she never had that regard for Stefan.

She changed into a vampire, even though he tried to save her, and then proceeded to use her vampirism as an excuse to stop loving him. Being a vampire heightens old emotions, and her dominant emotions from her after turning were only connected to Damon. There was no love left for Stefan because he was barely there before.

Her Doubts About Stefan Surfaced Early

“We Met And We Talked And It Was Epic. Then The Sun Came Up And Reality Set In.”

Elena and Stefan look up annoyed in The Vampire Diaries

Understandably, Elena was shaken when she learned that Stefan was a vampire. For someone who didn’t believe in the supernatural, it was definitely a shock, but she didn’t even trust the man she loved. Early on, she had taken the news badly and broken up with him, even though he assured her that he had nothing to do with the “animal attacks” in Mystic Falls.

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This same morality did not apply when it came to Damon, who had killed, maimed, and tortured enough people to last several lifetimes. Stefan was never a priority.

Stefan Was Not The One

“It’s Okay To Love Them Both. That’s What Katherine Used To Say. How Sad Is It That My Own Evil Doppelgänger Was Smarter Than Me?”

For the longest time, Elena defied Katherine and told her that she wasn’t like her — that she wouldn’t toy with both brothers and stick to Stefan, whom she had chosen first. However, she ended up doing just that, except the brother she played was Stefan Salvatore.

She even admitted that there was a time when she loved them both and had to make a choice, and her love for Damon was just stronger. She could have been different from Katherine, but in the end, the older vampire actually loved Stefan more than Elena ever did.

Her Ties To Him Faded Fast

“Last Time I Was Here I Was So Completely In Love With Stefan. Now That’s Barely A Memory. Is That The Sire Bond Or Just That I’m So Happy To Be Here With You?”

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore, Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore Dancing The Vampire Diaries

The switch from Damon to Stefan was almost instant for Elena. She was driving to Mystic Falls to tell Stefan that she chose him, but, the moment she became a vampire, her feelings for Stefan evaporated really fast.

She forgot all the moments she had spent with him, the fact that he was the one at the bridge and not Damon, and that she was committed to him before her life turned upside down. It only showed how tenuous her bond with Stefan had been from the beginning.

She Fell In Love With His Brother

“I Didn’t Sleep With Damon Because Of The Sire Bond. I Slept With Damon Because I’m In Love With Him.”

Elena holds Damon's face to say goodbye

Soon after forgetting Stefan, she also fell in deep love with Damon. The worst part was that she and Stefan were barely over, but she still chose to sleep with his brother, which had been a previous insecurity of his, thanks to wily Katherine.

Elena also hid the fact from her former lover for a while, because even she knew how wrong it was to get intimate with Damon so soon after her breakup. Her feelings from her for Damon seemed a lot more real than what she had with Stefan.

Admitted That She Wouldn’t Love Stefan As A Vampire

“You Don’t Need To Love Me Like This. This Is Who I Am Now. The Old Elena Died When She Went Off That Bridge. Let Her Go.”

Elena on the phone to Damon as she drives back to Mystic Falls

It may have sounded like a kindness when Elena said this, but it was her way of warning everyone, Stefan included, that her emotions, most importantly her affections, would change soon. She took her transformation from her to mean an emotional one too and chose to cut off Stefan from her love life from her.

Elena took the opportunity to start the relationship she really wanted, which was the one she had with Damon. Nothing could change her feelings for him, but her love de ella for Stefan was subject to change at the drop of a hat.

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