From writing to producing, Bill Palmer is a creative force

Singer-songwriter Bill Palmer writes poetry daily which helps his writing process for his music. (Courtesy of Bill Palmer)

Music has always been a constant in Bill Palmer’s life.

“When I was a kid, I loved music and I didn’t necessarily understand what that meant,” he says. “I think music really captivated me and intoxicated me all the way back to two or three years old. It’s always had an influence.”

It’s not surprising that Palmer has continued his journey with music at the forefront.

Decades later, the Santa Fe-based musician is content with his writing.

“I have this practice of writing poetry every day,” he says. “Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s a song. I’ve gotten entire albums out of everything. They all have these threads that run through them. I’ll start in the morning when I have my coffee and I don’t leave the spot until I write something. I surprise myself all the time.”

Palmer reveals a lot through his writing and considers it all part of his story.

“It’s like being confessional is the purest thing I can put out into the world,” he says. “I do try to imagine other characters. The music is the most mystical part of it. Somehow it goes together.”

Writing is not the only way Palmer stays involved with music.

Bill Palmer sets up for recording at Torreón Studio in Santa Fe. (Courtesy of Bill Palmer)

He’s also a producer and runs the full facility recording studio in Santa Fe – Torreón Studio.

I have helped run Frogville Studios for 16 years.

Palmer sees all the facets of music running together for himself.

“These things overlap,” he says. “I’m a romantic when it comes to writing and I tend to bring that type of head space to the recording process. I like things to be in order. Then the music transports us into that state of mind.”

Over the course of his career, Palmer has grown and he remains a student of life.

“I can say I never thought as a young man, that the wealth of emotions and desire to do something great would only intensify,” he says. “I’ve never been more full of love. I have that desire to do something really great. I’m in the best shape of my life. I built a house. I’m almost 50 and I see this time coming in the future where my body won’t keep up with what I want. But I’m doing some amazing things.”

Through his studio, Palmer has been working with some of the artists he looked up to while growing up.

“If my younger self could see me now, I think I would be pretty blown away,” he says. “I’m a huge Dokken fan and I finished completing the new Dokken record.”

Palmer continues to work on his craft, here are a few things you didn’t know about him:

one “I grew up on a farm in East Texas. I rode horses and learned how to hunt and fish. When my friends were playing football and stuff, I was happier in the woods.”

two “My first recordings were made on a flip top cassette recorder when I was 5 years old. I sang the ‘Star Wars’ theme so that I would have a soundtrack to act out Luke Skywalker to.”

3 “I am a pretty good carpenter and built my own house. I also know how to work on cars.”

4 “I was a philosophy major at the University of Texas in Austin. I dropped out to play in bands. Never looked back.”

5 “I write songs best when I’m bored to tears. I write poetry best first thing in the morning when my head is still foggy or in the afternoon over a pint of beer.”

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