Fun Fantasy and Sci-Fi Reads from Preschool to Teen

Magic Candies

By Heena Baek, Sophie Bowman

This charming book tells the story of Tong Tong, a lonely boy who loves playing with marbles. While shopping at a local store, Tong Tong comes across a bag of magical candies. As he eats them, he begins to hear the inner voices of the people and objects around him. Paired with stunning visuals, Tong Tong’s journey is a lesson in perspective, with a beautiful reminder that sometimes we forget about our own inner voices, too. FOR AGES 4-8

Everything Awesome About Space and Other Galactic Facts

By Mike Lowery

This nonfiction graphic novel has an exciting energy that’s hard not to love. Vibrant illustrations accompany facts in a range of font sizes that lend well to varying reading levels. Starting with the question, “What is space?” this book packs in a vast amount of information without feeling overwhelming; even the biggest space enthusiasts are sure to learn from it. And to top it all off, Lowery includes drawing tutorials and delightfully cheesy space jokes. FOR AGES 7-10

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