Mark Coyer’s newly released “Shiny Shoes” is an engaging fiction that explores unexpected twists of fate and surprising friendships

“Shiny Shoes” from Christian Faith Publishing author Mark Coyer is an enjoyable tale of a CEO who finds a spiritual roadblock has obstructed progress and finds aid in an unexpected new friend.

MEADVILLE, Pa., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “Shiny Shoes”: a thought-provoking narrative that imparts an important spiritual message of hope. “Shiny Shoes” is the creation of published author Mark Coyera dedicated husband and resident of California.

Coyer shares, “A corporate CEO doesn’t like where his company or his life is heading—cheating, manipulation, and just heading down the wrong path. As a young man, he saw this type of thing in his father’s company and remembers that is exactly why he started his own business. He didn’t like what it did to his father and definitely doesn’t want the same thing for his family. He knows the finance field is tough, but there must be a way to run this business with ethics, values, and morals.

“He notices one of his junior employees has something unique and interesting about the way he handles his challenges. He doesn’t know much about the finance industry but is aware that problems exist within the company. Despite this, he seems happy, and it appears he handles things well, from the cheating salesmen to obnoxious customers.

“The CEO devises a plan for them to meet, and they immediately become great friends. Together they develop solutions for the company’s problems. However, the biggest problem is that the CEO realizes the reason for his personal unhappiness and doesn’t like what faces him.

“After asking his newfound friend for help to solve the problems with himself and his company, he finds himself in serious trouble. This trouble can only be handled by one source, and the new friend knows what it is.

“The CEO goes down while the friend goes up. Now who works for whom?”

“That is the question for all of us.

“The truth will surprise you.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Mark Coyer’s new book will entertain and inspire as readers discover a host of affable characters and a compelling storyline.

Coyer presents an enjoyable contemporary fiction with a strong sense of faith for the entertainment of readers from any background.

Consumers can purchase “Shiny Shoes” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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