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Boorowa’s Jo Snelling with her new poetry book. One of Jo’s poems by Ella (printed below) will be read at next Monday’s Boorowa Anzac Day service.

I am so proud to be able to write this story about a talented lady with a brush, and many may not know, a pen.

My wife, Jo Snelling, as many know, produced some very fine art work, she has now topped her creative talent producing a little book of her poetry entitled ‘A Life of Reflection’.

Jo started drawing and writing from a young age and this love of creativity has continued through her life. Inspiration is all around her and her poetry de ella expresses her thoughts and reflections about life and her surroundings.

Jo has always been a keen gardener, and this, with her love of nature, has provided years of creative stimulus.

Jo’s little book of her poetry contains some beautiful pieces of work, several of which are extremely moving. Jo wants anyone who reads her work de ella to be moved and even, possibly, put their own pen to paper.

A section on ideas when writing poetry has been included at the back end of her book. Jo concludes the foreword of her book with these words: ‘My poetry reflects my life, my loves and my dreams. I only hope, as you read my work, you find something to take from me… to you.’

‘My poetry reflects my life, my loves and my dreams.

Jo Snelling

Some copies of ‘A Life of Reflection’ will be around town or contact Jo at avondalepark2@gmail.com

Jo’s following poem will be read at our Anzac Day service.


She wondered how it happened, no one ever knew,

It seemed as though he disappeared

He just slipped from out of view.

Of course we all know what took place

Some buried near the spot they fell,

And we never knew their name.

“Missing in action,” she received,

The cold wind wound around her heart,

Her hopes and dreams all faded

As each day became the same.

His thoughts were always with him

She said perhaps I’ll find him

Waiting, on the other side.

My life would have some meaning

I would dearly love to know

If his thoughts were with me then,

A knock came on my door today,

Brought with him a gift for me

A letter in a bottle, sixty years old,

I watched the words unfold.

“My dearest sweetest Mary,

To say how much I love you,

And hope you love me too.

We are sailing into battle

I long to be back home again,

To see your smiling face,

If we come through this battle,

With God’s enduring grace.

Goodbye for now my Dearest

It was signed Your Loving Bill.”

I looked up at the stranger,

He smiled and took my hand,

“I found this bottle near my home,

When I read the words inside,

I hoped that she was still alive,

And not as yet had died.”

I told the man our story,

Of my mother’s endless love

Of how she waited all those years,

Until God took her above.

The tears were running down my cheeks,

My mother’s wish came true.

I do believe she found her Bill.

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