Romances and Lovecraftian Horror Mix in Heart Eyes, Vault Comics’ New Twisted Tale

CBR can exclusively reveal a preview for Vault’s Heart Eyes #1, a new horror-romance series from writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Victor Ibáñez.

Vault Comics’ Heart Eyes promises a new twisted tale full of Lovecraftian horror, blissful romance and much more.

CBR can exclusively reveal that Vault will put out Heart Eyes #1 by writer Dennis Hopeless, artist Victor Ibáñez, colorist Addison Duke, letterer Simon Bowland and designer Tim Daniel this July. The new series takes place in a post apocalyptic world that has been almost entirely devoured by horrifying creatures that look like they come straight out of a Lovecraft novel — although, that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a little romance among the survivors. The synopsis for the first issue reads, “Sanity-eating monsters ended humanity. The unlucky few who survived now hide in the cracks of a broken world. And yet somehow, beneath the graveyard that used to be San Antonio, Rico met Lupe, the girl of his dreams. But how did she get here? And why is she smiling? No one survives out in the street. No one smiles where the monsters lurk.”

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Hopeless and Ibáñez previously worked together on Marvel’s 2017 Jean Gray series. “When Victor and I were working on Jean Gray together, I was always blown away by his acting character,” Hopeless said. “He’d make the quiet moments delightfully human and lived-in. The people always felt real, even when the rest of the pages in the book were mutants and monsters and giant celestial firebirds. It made me want to build a world with Victor …to fill with his fantastic characters. Heart Eyes is getting me to do that. Victor posted this drawing online of a smiling woman surrounded by horrifying monsters. I immediately wanted to know more. Who was this woman? How did she survive Victor’s Lovecraftian insanity monsters? Why the hell was she smiling? Those questions became the seed of the story and the driving mystery of the series. Can we ever really know what’s going on behind someone else’s eyes? And if not, how can we trust anyone?

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Hopeless said that he started writing Heart Eyes during the COVID-19 lockdown, a time when “the world was angry and afraid. When mental health was suffering and basic human interaction suddenly ceased. So we leaned into that isolation and terror. Our monsters personify fear, anxiety and paranoia. Our traumatized survivors live in terror, hiding in the cracks of what was. And then there’s Lupe.”

Heart Eyes #1 features cover art by Ibáñez, Duke and Michael Dialynas. The issue goes on sale July 27 from Vault.

Source: Vault Comics

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