Warren resident shares historic truth in recent publication

WARREN – Edward Londergan, a Warren resident, has seen many successes with his recently published novel, “Unlike Any Other,” a nonfiction piece about Bathsheba Spooner.

Londergan explained that Spooner was a daughter of pre-revolutionary war in Massachusetts. “Ella She was forced to marry a man she did n’t like,” said Londergan. When a 16-year-old soldier collapsed at her door, Spooner nursed him back to health and sent him on his way from her. Londergan continued, “[The soldier] came back to fight. He got her pregnant and fell in love with her.”

When Spooner learned she was having a baby with the 16-year-old, she asked him to kill her husband. After he rejected her plea de ella, Spooner decided to side with the British and convinced them to murder her husband, said Londergan.

After Spooner’s husband was murdered, she announced her pregnancy. Londergan said several midwives told Spooner she was not pregnant, although at five months along it was “obvious,” he added.

With the fate of her husband’s murder being left in the hands of his brother, Spooner was sentenced to death by hanging. Londergan said the autopsy results revealed she was pregnant.

Spooner and her unborn child are now buried at her sister’s estate in Worcester. Londergan said it’s still unknown as to where they are buried on the property.

Londergan shared that his inspiration for this novel encompasses a variety of reasons. “There are a few nonfiction stories about it – one is good, one is not,” he said. Also, “I live 10 minutes from where the murder took place.”
Londergan described this story as a “special” one. “There are so many unanswered questions,” he said. “There is not a lot of information there and people make things up. I wanted to bring the story to life and put the reader in the story. I want them to hear it, taste it, smell it, see it, feel it,” as if they are the character, he added.

Londergan, who has two other published books, began writing this non-fiction piece in 2018.

“I was working on another book and put it down,” he said. “I finished it in two years.”

When he first wrote the story, Londergan said he received feedback that it would be more powerful from a first-person perspective. He ultimately took that advice and rewrote the entire novel.

In addition to the time it takes to write a story, Londergan said, “publishing takes time.”

I have explained that there are three writing groups in Western Massachusetts. “They had an online conference and a publishing consultant said she would choose five [to publish] …one was me.”

After looking for publishers all over the world, Londergan decided on White River Press, a local publisher. Since the book’s publication on March 1, Londergan said he has only received five-star ratings.

Over the past few months, Londergan has hosted a few book talks and signings, along with an hour-long “captivating” presentation on the story of Bathsheba Spooner, he said. During these events, Londergan has noticed a decent turnout and steady book sales. He has a dozen events planned for this year and is hoping for even more.

“Unlike Any Other,” can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hudson Booksellers, Target, Walmart, among several other retailers. The cost of the book is $21 for a paperback and $7.99 for a Kindle version.

In addition to this novel, Londergan published two historical fiction books called “The Devil’s Elbow” and “The Long Journey Home,” several years ago. These books can also be found on Amazon.

Currently Londergan said he is wrapping up another book. As the book depicts an estranged family, Londergan said, “It’s about the importance of family and personal redemption.” He continued, “In my stories I focus on basic human emotion that everyone experiences. Whether you’re in the United States or Italy, I want to pull you in.”

Additionally, Londergan said he has about three or four story ideas “bouncing around” in his head. He reiterated that as the publishing industry moves slowly, he is uncertain as to when these stories will hit the shelves.

Aside from writing his own stories, Londergan assists others by offering writing workshops. He said he has been doing this for about seven years, at the Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield.

Londergan is also an active reader. “I read about two books a week. It’s a great way to learn and see what makes a story great.”

Londergan has lived in Warren with his wife for nine years. At the age of 65, he recently closed down his freelance writing business and plans to enjoy retirement. “I like to fish, garden, go on walks, and I love hanging out with my wife… she’s my best friend of her.”

More information on Londergan’s books and upcoming events can be found on his website at https://www.edlondergan.com/.

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