10 Most Powerful Variants Of Catwoman, According To DC Comics

batman gave fans one of the best versions of Catwoman on the big screen in Selina Kyle, played by Zoe Kravitz. This new version of the iconic character stays close to the classic iteration of Catwoman, but she could have gone many different ways. There are many powerful variants of Catwoman in DC Comics that take a variety of different forms, including some that have supernatural and cosmic powers.

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Some of the most powerful variants of Catwoman in DC Comics became Batman in their alternate universes. Others become werewolf-like creatures or beings of enormous cosmic power. All of them share Selina Kyle’s determination and gift for overcoming enormous obstacles, whether it’s a particularly complex safe or a world in which she has lost her physical abilities, but not her desire to help others.


Lonely City Catwoman

The cover of Lonely City 2 comic book.

The Catwoman of Lonely City is older and cut off from most of her wealth and resources, but she’s provided herself a cunning and determined person who will stop at nothing to prove her innocence and find out who killed Batman.

Lonely City is a current Black Label mini-series written and drawn by Cliff Chiang, the artist of Papergirls, one of the best non-superhero comics of the 2010s. It showcases a Catwoman without any help or hope, but at her most heroic.

Flashpoint Catwoman

Catwoman becomes Oracle in Flashpoint comics.

Selina Kyle is paralyzed by the Joker in the flash point storyline and isn’t able to be Catwoman, but she becomes a brilliant hacker and computer technician, making her one of the most powerful variants of Catwoman in DC Comics.

Selina possesses all the intelligence and technical know-how of Oracle in this alternate-universe storyline, taking the place of Barbara Gordon. Like Oracle, she becomes a critical member of the Bat Family and indispensable to Batman.


Batman and Batwoman attack in JLA The Nail comic book.

Catwoman became one of the most powerful versions of Batwoman in the comics in JLA: The Nail. By taking over for Batman and inheriting all of his equipment and paraphernalia from him, she becomes one of the most powerful variants of Catwoman.

Catwoman is armed with a pair of Kryptonian gauntlets in this story, providing her with extraordinary power for the brief time that she uses them. In a sequel to the story called Another Nailshe was able to travel to the afterlife of the DC Universe.

Guardian Of Gotham Catwoman

Catwoman becomes Batman in Guardian Of Gotham comic book.

Catwoman becomes another version of Batman in the Catwoman: Guardian Of Gotham comic book. In this Elseworlds story, Selina Kyle is actually the child of Thomas and Martha Wayne and inherits all of their wealth and influence from her.

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This positions her to become a Catwoman with all of Batman’s advantages from the beginning. She is an inherently more heroic figure than her traditional DC Comics version of her, with strong ties to other superheroes she does n’t otherwise have.

Cat Captain

Capitana Felina fights off pirates in Detective Comics Annual #7

Capitana Felina is a pirate queen in an alternate reality, with vast resources and pirates at her command, making her one of the most influential iterations of Catwoman. She began as a Spanish Contessa, with vast wealth and connections she translated into her piracy de ella.

Captain Cat first appeared in Detective Comics Annual #7 and was originally allied with the Laughing Man, one of the best versions of the Joker from DC Comics, making her even more powerful in the chaotic world of the comic.


Catsai attacks in Amalgam Comics.

Catsai is a unique fusion of Catwoman and Elektra from Marvel Comics, combining the athletic prowess of Selina Kyle and the fighting skills of one of the best martial artists in the Marvel Universe to make for a truly intimidating figure.

Catsai, a product of Amalgam Comics, the 90s crossover between Marvel and DC, wields a pair of sais as Elektra does. She also wears unique armor, making her more protected and practical in a fight than either of her comic counterparts.

Catwoman Beyond

Catwoman fights Batman in Batman: Beyond #3

The Catwoman from the alternate future of the batman beyond comic books wears a highly advanced suit full of technological advantages that Selina Kyle never had. She has a number of Iron Man-like armored capabilities, like infrared scanners and cloaking fields.

What makes this character one of the best variants of Catwoman is the ability of her suit to create other versions of herself. She can generate up to nine different clones of herself at will, making tracking her virtually impossible.

Earth 43 Catwoman

Catwoman attacks Batman in DC Comics.

The Earth 43 version of Catwoman is also a kind of werewolf, making her one of the most powerful versions of Catwoman in the comics. She has superhuman strength, speed, and senses, all of which make her a powerful opponent for the Batman of her universe.

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This version of Catwoman appeared in batman bloodstorm and is actually turned into a werewolf by a vampire named Creech. She has a thirst for blood that makes her unpredictable and dangerous despite her determination to not give into it.

Star Sapphire Catwoman

Catwoman becomes Star Sapphire in DC Comics.

In the Elseworlds story Batman: In Darkest Night, Catwoman is transformed into Star Sapphire by Sinestro. It’s unclear the full extent of her powers from her, but if she shares the powerset of the regular Star Sapphire, she is a powerful cosmic being.

The Star Sapphire gem grants its host powers and abilities similar to that of a member of the Green Lantern Corps, allowing them to create constructs of energy as well as fly through space without any need for an environmental suit.

Batman ’89 Catwoman

Catwoman crawls through a window in Batman 89 comics.

The Michelle Pfeiffer version of Catwoman isn’t just one of the best in the movies, she’s now one of the most powerful versions of Catwoman in the comics. Thanks to her ability to come back from the dead, this Catwoman is functionally immortal.

Appearing in the Batman ’89 limited series, her immortality may seem to be a product of good luck. But her many encounters of her with death in batman returns and her continued existence in the comics prove she’s one of the most powerful versions of Catwoman ever.

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