Green Lantern Corps Unites in An Epic DC Comics Group Cosplay

In an excellent DC Comics group cosplay, four iconic Green Lanterns including Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Alan Scott take flight.

In an epic group cosplay showcasing some of the most iconic green lanterns to take flight in the pages of DC Comics, several ring-bearers get the due they deserve. Cosplayer @odfel shared the group ensemble, which features some of the most notable faces from the Green Lantern Corps, including Kilowog, Hal Jordan, and Alan Scott. @odfel herself cosplays as the lesser-known but still beloved Lantern, Arisia Raab.

The Green Lantern Corps has featured hundreds of different members over the years, with the ring bearers of/from Earth usually taking center stage in DC Comics stories. The first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, created by Martin Nodell and Bill Finger, debuted back in 1940. Hal Jordan, arguably the most famous Green Lantern, debuted nearly two decades later and took the Corps in an all-new direction. Over the years, a range of popular heroes, including Kilowog, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Jessica Cruz, and Guy Gardner, joined the ranks. The most recent new Green Lantern to star in their own series was Sojourner “Jo” Mullein, who starred in the excellent Far Sector from NK Jemisin and Jamal Campbell.


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On her Instagram page, @odfel shared her group cosplay which showcases four Green Lanterns with their Power Rings showing they are ready to take flight. Featured in the cosplay are @twoacross106 as Guy Gardner, @crimsonhawkecosplay as Alan Scott, @codecosplay as @kilowog, and @odfel herself as Arisia Rrab. The costumes are all comic-accurate and reflect the incredible roster of the Green Lantern Corps. Each cosplayer is immediately recognizable to their comic counterpart, as the details and Green Lantern ensembles are all on point. In addition, the photo editing helps illuminate their powers, as the heroes race their fists and Power Ring in the air.

While Gardner, Kilowog, and Scott are, for the most part, household names and have been a part of many comic book adventures, some DC Comics fans might not recognize Arisia Rrab. The Green Lantern hero first debuted in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1 and was created by Len Wein, Mike W. Barr, and Joe Staton. Born on Graxos IV, Rrab patrolled Sector 2815, and would be featured in the Blackest Night saga. She has popped up in stories since.

The group cosplay is really well done, as the costumes for Kilowog, Guy Gardner, Arisia Rrab, and Alan Scott were clearly done by people who care about the characters. It’s an unlikely group of heroes that we wouldn’t object to seeing working together in a future Green Lantern story from DC Comics,

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Source: @odfel – Instagram

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