How Does Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper’ Compare to Alice Oseman’s Comics?

heart stopper is a beloved comic that has captured hearts around the globe and is now being adapted into a Netflix series.

Originally created as a webtoon by Alice Oseman, the comics have since been released as graphic novels, of which there are four in total, and they have also inspired two novellas: “Nick and Charlie,” and “This Winter.”

heart stopper has sold over one million copies in English, with the first volume translated into 18 other languages ​​and the other three also being released in multiple territories.

Given how popular Oseman’s original work is, some fans may be wondering how the Netflix show compares to its source material.

How Does ‘Heartstopper’ Compare to Alice Oseman’s Comics?

heart stopper follows teens Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke), who meet at their British secondary school when they are put in the same form class.

Charlie is openly gay and has struggled with bullying for years and Nick, who is in the year above him at school, becomes an unlikely friend when he asks the former to join the rugby team as a reserve player.

As they get to know each other and become close friends Charlie starts to develop a crush, while Nick begins to question his sexuality as he also develops feelings for Charlie.

Netflix’s adaptation for the comics tells the story in much the same way, and in fact adapts two heart stopper volumes in eight episodes.

It is so close to its source material because Oseman herself wrote the scripts and has adapted her own story for television, and was heavily involved behind-the-scenes in aspects such as casting and costumes.

As such, heart stopper is a rare feat in book-to-screen adaptation because it is an almost perfect replication of the original, in every way.

Whole scenes are filmed in ways that make them almost identical to Oseman’s comics that when you compare the two it is entirely possible to see the original as acting as a storyboard for the Netflix show, and the script is largely the same as the original.

In terms of casting, everyone—from Locke to Connor, to Yasmin Finney as Elle, William Gao as Tao Xu, and Jenny Walser as Charlie’s sister Tori—is perfect in their roles, and they fit the characters so well it’s almost like they stepped. out of the page themselves.

Of course, some aspects of the Netflix show are different but these are very minor, and Oseman addressed them herself when the cast were first announced.

in to tweetshe shared that characters like Charlie’s younger brother Oliver would not be in the show because there were enough characters, while Charlie’s friend Aled was not being included because he is a major character in Radio Silence and his inclusion in heart stopper would detract from that.

In the grand scheme of things Netflix’s take on heart stopper is very much a faithful adaptation of Oseman’s work, even with a few characters missing from the original.

Fans who may have concerns about whether Netflix have done a good job of adapting the comics need not fear, it is as accurate and enjoyable an adaptation as it could be.

Heartstopper launches on Netflix on Friday, April 22.

Kit Connor and Joe Locke as Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring in “Heartstopper.”

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