How To Get (& Use) Eblan Danburite

To get Eblan Danburite for crafting Pactmaker’s gear in Final Fantasy XIV, players will need to find a Legendary Mining Node in Garlemald.

Eblan Danburite is a Crafting Material introduced in final fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 that serves as the primary resource required for making the new tools for the Pactmaker’s Set, such as Pickaxes, Awls, Knives, and even Spinning Wheels. These pieces of gear are highly sought after by both Crafters and Gatherers alike for their significantly high stats. Therefore, to craft any of this equipment, Disciples of the Hand will need Raw Eblan Danburite, the natural and unrefined version of Eblan Danburite.

Raw Eblan Danburite is acquired through Level 90 Legendary Mining Deposits, Gathering Nodes in final fantasy XIV that can only be seen after reading the target resource’s correlating Tome. In the case of Raw Eblan Danburite, adventurers will need the Tome of Geological Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty, an item that unlocks Stonehard Water, Rime Dolomite, and Raw Eblan Danburite. This particular Tome of Geological Folklore can be purchased for Regional Folklore Trader’s Token C ×16 from the Splendors Vendor in Radz-at-Han at X:11.3, Y:9.1. Bear in mind that White Gatherers’ Scrip ×1,600 will be required to procure the necessary Trader’s Tokens.


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Eleven final fantasy XIV fans have activated the Tome of Geological Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty, they can discover Raw Eblan Danburite by traveling to the region of Garlemald in Endwalker. The Legendary Mining Deposit is located in the southeastern corner of the map at the coordinates X:31.2, Y:34.8. This area is only accessible via a Flying Mount, meaning that players will need to have activated all the Aether Currents within Garlemald.

Finding Eblan Danburite In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Crafting With Eblan Danburite and Map Location

The elusive Level 90 Raw Eblan Danburite Node appears strictly during specific hours during the in-game day. The Mining Deposit will spawn at 00:00-02:00 and 12:00-14:00 in Eorzea Time. Note that 1 hour and 10 minutes is equivalent to a day in Hydaelyn. Moreover, it is crucial to mention that 3,230 Perception is needed to harvest the resource. However, those equipped with an entire Gathering Set with an Item Level of 560 shouldn’t have much issue meeting this requirement.

Finally, players should know that Eblan Danburite and Raw Eblan Danburite are not bound to commerce or trading restrictions in final fantasy XIV. In other words, it’s possible to find an abundance of these resources on one’s Market Board, depending on the Data Center. Currently, Eblan Danburite ×1 sells for roughly 13,000 to 17,000 Gil on average, and Raw Eblan Danburite is much cheaper at approximately 550 Gil each. This difference is because crafting Eblan Danburite requires Immutable Solution and Moonlight Aethersand, two rare ingredients obtained using Purple Crafters’ Scrips.

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