10 Best Black Panther Comics Characters Not In The MCU

While little is known about Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at this point, the movie will likely expand the world of Wakanda by introducing new characters. Some of them could be among the best Black Panther comics characters yet to appear in the MCU, including some of the most important figures in the history of the Marvel Universe and the superhero genre itself.

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Black Panther’s connection to major figures like Doctor Doom and Storm makes him an ideal conduit to introduce these iconic characters into the movie franchise. Beyond those titans, there are many great Black Panther comic book characters not yet in the films that should become part of the live-acton universe, including villains, allies, and in some cases, variants of the iconic hero himself.


The White Wolf

It’s not clear who the villain of the upcoming movie will be, but one possibility is the White Wolf. As the adopted brother of T’Challa, he grew from a trusted family member to a bitter rival, making him an ideal character to integrate into the cinematic world of Wakanda.

The White Wolf is a former member of Wakanda secret police who turns on his country after his brutality forces T’Challa to disband his forces. he could be a fascinating character in a potential vacuum left by the passing of T’Challa in the MCU.


Achebe talking to his hand puppet in Marvel Comics..

Achebe is one of the most powerful villains of Black Panther, a sorcerer who sold his soul to Mephisto. His connection from him to dark magic, a major thread in the current MCU, makes him a great Black Panther character who hasn’t made it to the screen but has the potential to cross over soon.

Achebe is unpredictable and somewhat more akin to classic Batman villains, as he talks to a puppet of himself. This gives him a different kind of energy than typical baddies that could be fascinating to see in live-action.


The Illuminati meet for the first time in Marvel Comics.

Black Bolt is the leader of the Inhumans and he has been allied with Black Panther in the comics at times, particularly in the 2005 volume of Black Pantherwhere the two fought together to defend their respective kingdoms from the threat of Magneto.

Comic book fans know the Illuminati included Black Bolt among its founding members. With some version of the secret council coming to the MCU in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, Black Bolt is a character that fans should expect to see soon.


Zenzi is a powerful empath and a master manipulator, making her a key Black Panther villain ideal for adaptation into movie series. Ella’s ability to sway the emotions of others makes her a powerful opponent and a great comics character.

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She is able to control people like puppets and would be a powerful villain for Black Panther to confront in live-action at some point, especially as she has connections to Baron Zemo, who is currently in Wakandan custody in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The MCU already has a Nakia, but the original comic book version of the character is one of the best thanks to her unexpected villain arc. Malice is a former member of the Dora Milaje, and one of the best martial artists in the Marvel Universe.

Malice has superhuman strength and speed, making her even more dangerous. She could be an interesting evolution for Nakia in the film franchise, or potentially the foundation for a new character who betrays the Dora Milaje.


TChanna unmasks herself as Doctor Doom in Marvel Comics.

T’Channa is Black Panther’s sister from an alternate reality in the multiverse and she’s also one of the most powerful variants of Doctor Doom, easily making her one of the best Black Panther comics characters who hasn’t made the transition to the screen.

While it’s unlikely T’Channa will be the MCU version of Doctor Doom, there are plenty of opportunities for her to appear given the extent to which the multiverse is playing a major role in shaping the future of the live-action franchise.

Ultimate Black Panther

There are also many powerful variants of Black Panther in the multiverse, and one of the most interesting is from Ultimate Comics. The Earth-1610 version of Black Panther is very different than the Earth-616 one and is a product of the Weapon X program that spawned Wolverine.

This version of Black Panther receives his superpowers from experiments rather than the Heart-Shaped Herb from Wakanda. He could be the basis for variants of the character in the MCU, especially if the future Black Panther is a variant of T’Challa.


Black Panther and Storm ruling Wakanda together.

Storm is one of the most central figures in Black Panther comic book lore. She became T’Challa’s wife in the early 2000s and their marriage defined a turbulent period in Marvel history when the Avengers and X-Men went to war with each other.

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Despite her significance as one of the most powerful and most important X-Men in the comics, Storm is as equally important to Black Panther and could make her debut in the mainstream Marvel Cinematic Universe in connection to T’Challa.


Namor Avengers Black Panther She-Hulk

Namor has a powerful connection to Black Panther, making him easily one of the best comics characters not yet in the films. The two respective kings are often at odds with each other and have even gone to war with devastating results.

Namor is one of the most significant characters in the Marvel Universe and one of the most important comic book characters in the superhero genre, with a history going back to the Golden Age. It would be fitting if he were to make his debut in the MCU via Black Panther, perhaps as soon as the upcoming movie.

Doctor Doom

Marvel's Most Dangerous Duo is Doctor Doom and One Unlikely Hero Featured

Another major Marvel Comics figure and one of the greatest supervillains ever is also one of the best Black Panther characters not in the MCU. Doctor Doom is as much an enemy of Black Panther as he is the Fantastic Four and has proven it time and again.

Like Namor, Doctor Doom has led his kingdom of Latveria into war with Wakanda, specifically in the doom war storyline from the early 2000s. That cataclysmic arc could be the basis for a future Black Panther movie and perhaps even the introduction of Doctor Doom.

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