10 Best Avengers Comics Characters Not In The MCU

Thor: Love And Thunder teased the introduction of Olympus and the Greek god Zeus, which could mean that the movie will introduce Hercules. Hercules is one of the best Avengers from Marvel Comics who has yet to cross over into the MCU. And he’s not the only one. Several key members of the team remain on the sidelines in the MCU, including some of the Avengers’ most powerful members.

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There have been dozens of Avengers in the comics since the team’s founding in 1963, so it makes sense that some of them have still not made it into live-acti0n. But some of the most important Avengers with deep ties to established MCU characters have yet to appear, including Wonder Man, a significant character in the saga of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch.



Hercules and Thor fight in Marvel Comics.

Hercules started off in Journey into Mystery Annual #1 as a villain to Thor, but he would go on to become a major member of the Avengers. He first joined the team in avengers #45 in 1967 and would remain a key member well into the modern day.

Hercules hasn’t appeared in the MCU yet but that seems poised to change. One of the biggest reveals of the Thor: Love And Thunder trailer is the introduction of what appears to be Olympus and the Greek god Zeus, Hercules’ father.

moon dragon

Moondragon also started off as a villain in Marvel Comics. She began her career de ella fighting Iron Man as Madam MacEvil in Hombre de Hierro #54 before changing her name. She would join the Avengers in avengers #151 and remain a key member for many years.

Moondragon is a powerful telepath who was on the team during The Korvac Saga, one of the biggest Avengers events in the comics. She has yet to appear in the MCU but her ties to the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe likely signal her eventual debut.

doctor druid

Doctor Druid uses his powers in Marvel Comics.

Doctor Druid joined the team in avengers #287 in the late ’80s and would be part of the team into the ’90s. In many ways, he’s an early version of Doctor Strange predating the Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Universe for two years.

Doctor Druid would be reinterpreted when he returned in the ’70s and would use his powerful mystical abilities in a variety of different comics before joining the Avengers. He could be due in the MCU as his time on the team was defined by his connection from him to the Terminatrix, a version of Ravonna Renslayer, Kang the Conqueror’s love interest.

Blue Marvel

Monica Rambeau and Blue Marvel fighting the Maker from Marvel Comics

Blue Marvel joined the Avengers in more recent years, becoming part of the Mighty Avengers iteration of the team in the 2010s. He’s by far one of the most powerful members, essentially a living anti-matter reactor with superhuman powers.

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His connection to both Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel during their time with the Ultimates is likely an indicator that Blue Marvel will be coming to the MCU. He could make his debut as soon as the marvels.


Quasar carries Binary in Marvel Comics.

Quasar is one of the most powerful cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe and was one of the most powerful Avengers when he joined the team in avengers #305. Armed with the Quantum Bands, he is able to fly through space and generate tremendous energy blasts.

The Quantum Bands connect him to the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, through the Protectors of the Universe. By extension, it connects him to the Kree and Carol Danvers and that could be how this powerful character makes his way into the MCU.


Quicksilver And Crystal

Crystal is one of the most powerful Inhumans and a major figure in Marvel Comics lore, making her one of the best Avengers characters still not in the MCU. The wife of Quicksilver and a member of the team in the ’90s, she has a legacy going back to the 1960s.

Crystal appeared in the ABC Inhumans television series, but that does not appear to be connected to the MCU. She first appeared in the pages of the Fantastic Four, and it’s likely that they will likely be the mechanism for how she is introduced to the MCU.


Eric is Thunderstrike

Thunderstrike joined the Avengers in avengers #343 in the early ’90s, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Thor. Eric Masterson was Thor for a period before establishing his own identity as Thunderstrike and fighting evil alongside the Avengers.

Masterson has a tragic story that ends with his death, a victim of the curse of the Bloodaxe, an enchanted Asgardian axe. His tragic downfall makes him one of the best Avengers not in the MCU, but he does not appear to be in the cards any time soon.

Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts Returns

Jack of Hearts may have an even more tragic story in Marvel Comics than Thunderstrike. He needed to isolate himself for the majority of the day to contain his superpowers from him, but this ultimately failed, making him one of the best Avengers not in the MCU.

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Jack of Hearts lost control of his powers and flew into space where he exploded. He would return, or appear to, in the Avengers Disassembled storyline in which the Scarlet Witch turned on her teammates after discovering that she was the victim of a spell to make her forget her children.

Not going

Nova joined the Avengers in 2010, becoming part of the Secret Avengers. That could be his destiny in the MCU as well, given that this powerful member of the Nova Corps is rumored to be the focus of an upcoming movie or streaming series.

Richard Rider gains cosmic powers from the Nova Force and is part of several major cosmic comics storylines, including Annihilationan event featuring Annihilus that is likely to be adapted into the MCU at some point in the near future.


Wonder Man Costume

Wonder Man is one of the best Avengers characters not yet in the MCU for both his long tenure with the team and his deep ties to the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Simon Williams’ brain patterns were used by Ultron to create The Vision while he was in stasis.

Wonder Man would later be romantically involved with the Scarlet Witch during a turbulent period in the late ’80s. Given his prominence in the history of the Avengers, he’s the most conspicuous member missing from the MCU to date.

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