Batman and Superman One Million Star In Epic DC Comics Team-Up Art

Batman and Superman 1,000,000 make their surprise return in a brand new cover for World’s Finest which showcases both future heroes.

Warning! spoiler for batman/superman: World’s Finest #5 by DC Comics

Future versions of Batman and Superman return in stunning new DC Comics art showcasing the One Million versions of the Dark Knight and Man of Steel. The Superman and Batman of the 853rd Century are spotlighted in the upcoming batman/superman: World’s Finest #5 with new variant cover art from Pete Woods featuring the two futuristic heroes in action.

Batman One Million first debuted in the JLA’s DC One Million crossover and was created by Grant Morrison and Val Semeiks. The future Batman of the 853 Century (whose real identity has never been revealed) became the Dark Knight after watching his Plutonian parents get killed under a fascist regime. After that, Batman would join the Justice League Alpha, where he fought alongside Superman One Million, Kal Kent. The future version of the hero was a descendent of Kal-El and was on a power level that rivaled the original Superman. Now, both heroes are about to make a surprise return to the pages of DC Comics.


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Artist Pete Woods shared a new variant cover for the upcoming Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #5, which features a new look at Batman and Superman One Million. The issue from Mark Waid and Dan Mora teases Superman and Batman having some trouble against the villain Nezha, who will hold a shocking secret about the future of the DCU. While Superman and Batman One Million aren’t explicitly mentioned in the solicitation, the tease about foreshadowing the future DC sure seems to suggest that readers will learn more about the future heroes in the issue.

The stunning cover art provides new looks at the unique costumes of Batman and Superman One Million. Batman One Million’s Batsuit keeps its futuristic look while he is seen grappling with some sort of energy line. Meanwhile, Superman One Million, who also made an appearance in all star supermankeeps his unique costume, including the three yellow spheres on his chest, replacing the original version’s classic logo.

While it’s not officially confirmed, it appears both Batman and Superman One Million will make their return in the upcoming DC Comics story. Considering there’s still plenty to learn about each future hero, including Batman One Million’s true identity, it makes sense that they could pop up in the future glimpse of the DC Universe. Readers can pick up the Batman and Superman One Million variant cover art when batman/superman: World’s Finest #5 by DC Comics arrives in comic book stores and online retailers in July, 2022.

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