Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster: How To Beat Deathgaze

Deathgaze is a reoccurring enemy in Final Fantasy 6 and by using heavy offensive attacks players can defeat the monster and make it safe to fly.

Deathgaze is an optional boss in Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster. Unlike most other enemies, this boss will constantly harass players as they explore. This may give players the motivation to defeat him just to end the constant and unpredictable encounters.

In older versions of Final Fantasy 6Deathgaze was translated as Doom Gaze. Players of the original Super Nintendo release may recall this name or see it mentioned in the Steam forum. But these are in fact the exact same enemy, allowing for an identical strategy and exploitable weaknesses.

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Deathgaze randomly appears around the world, but is always level 68. This means players may run into him at a very low level if they are progressing without completing Final Fantasy 6’s many side quests. It is a good idea to utilize the new quick save and load feature within pixel-remaster.

Chasing Deathgaze in Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster

Players can challenge Deathgaze once arriving in the second half of the Final Fantasy 6 – the world of ruin. After re-recruiting Setzer as part of the main story, the party will unearth a new airship christened the Falcon. Anytime during flight, Deathgaze may ambush the current party. This makes it imperative to always travel with a strong group of four capable heroes.

Deathgaze Abilities

  • Large HP Pool: Deathgaze has 55,555 hitpoints.
  • Venom Claw: Physical attack that inflicts Final Fantasy 6 poison status.
  • Death: A low chance to kill one target.
  • Level 5 Death: Kills anyone whose level is a multiple of five.
  • Blizzard: Very powerful ice attack.
  • Aero: Moderate wind damage that can cause silence.
  • Flee: Attempt to withdraw from the current battle
  • Protect and Shell (passive): You have increased physical and magical defense, but will not recast if dispelled.
  • Elemental Weakness: Deathgaze takes extra damage from fire and holy spells.
  • Status Immunity: Players cannot inflict most status effects.

Among his most unique moves is being one of the few bosses that can run away. While this does end the battle prematurely, Deathgaze does not heal in-between encounters. This allows players to chip away at the fiend through several Final Fantasy 6 boss phases, and then kill it at a later time.

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Party setup and strategy

By looking at Deathgaze’s strengths and weaknesses it is easy to formulate a good game plan. Every party member should not be a level multiple of five; which will avoid the instant Level 5 Death. They will also want various defensive gear against poison, ice, wind, and silence. For attacks, players will want to have lots of fire and holy-based offensive moves. In general, it is a good idea that the Final Fantasy 6 party includes the following:

  • Alexander Summond: Deals a powerful holy elemental attack, as well as teaches Dispel and Holy to the allocated Final Fantasy 6 team member.
  • Gau in Io Rage: This Rage may cause Gau to randomly cast Flare Stara powerful fire attack.
  • Celesusing Runic: This defensive move can absorb almost all of Deathgaze’s magic.
  • Strago or Gogo equipped with Elemental Rods: Both Holy and Flame Rods will hit the elemental weakness. Shadow can also throw said weapons for increased damage.

Due to the chance of fleeing, it will take some time to defeat Deathgaze. But with high enough collective damage, it should fall after four to six individual fights. Once killed, the skies of Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster will be fully clear for travel.

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Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

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